Ambient Light

Ambient Light comprises history from many centuries in Yates Colyer’s vampire family beginning in the prologue to eternity. What do light and a vampire have in common? When Yates and Kelly get together there are definitely fireworks. 
Yates, a four centuries old vampire and photographer, saw a woman with lavender eyes in a French fashion magazine and knew he had to have her. He called Kelly to pose for pictures and she came. Of course there needs to be some drama in the story and that comes in the form of a black panther – she’s a shifter and shifters and vampires don’t mix. Wrong – in Ambient Light they mix with climactic rewards!
Mandy M. Roth has written an easy to read drama with ravenous characters. Their hunger for each other involves the reader’s sensibilities and increases the heart rate. Yates is a force you feel to fear unless directed at you in a controlled way. Ms Roth did a good job of conveying that feeling.    
This is a story for the mature erotica reader with a ménage and bondage mixed in too. The enlightening surprise at the end is a nice touch.

Book Blurb for Ambient Light

Yates is desperate to contact the lavender-eyed model the moment he sees her in a magazine. But the esteemed photographer doesn’t just want to take her picture—he wants to take her. He only hopes the mortal can handle him. All of him.

Kelly is fascinated and a little frightened by Yates the moment she sets foot in his darkened studio. She falls under his spell…and then his fangs come out. This is a vampire who has mating in mind. But Kelly has a surprise for Yates, too—she’s not human either. And as much as she desires him, her kind and his don’t get along.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a ménage scene as well as graphic violence, forced seduction and allusion to rape.


Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.75