Agatha Blaine: Undercover Passion

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Agatha Blaine: Undercover Passion

Agatha Blaine in Undercover Passion is a saleswoman in the "Lingerie department of Pride's Department store" until her erotic initiation into the world of spying by Major Jack Bentley puts her into the Nazi hunting business.

The book Agatha Blaine: Undercover Passion is well worth picking up. But by first glance the cover doesn't quite fit the story. The people look modern day not 1940's England, and the building on the cover looks like the Capitol Building in Washington DC.

Many people have pet peeves, little phrases or wording they don't like to see in a story. My pet peeve is using pregnant to describe anything but a mammal ready to give birth. In this case on page 85 we have a house with a pregnant atmosphere making me visualize a cartoon with the house blowing out like a balloon. I hope that's not what the author is trying to express in this instance.

Overall, This story's an action packed and erotic quick read for any Saturday with a sundae. Ms Thorne has put together an exciting story with main characters that are true to their objective so they have a lot of appeal.

Book Blurb for Agatha Blaine: Undercover Passion

London, the 1940s. When the enigmatic Major Jack Bentley walks into the lingerie department of Pride's department store, na‹ve shopgirl Agatha Blaine is drawn into a world of intrigue. What begins with a steamy liaison at the Ministry of Defense, ends with her being recruited as an agent on the trail of a Nazi spy ring operating in the capital.

As bombs fall on London, the Major bends Agatha to his desires, all the better to fight the Nazis he despises. Bentley is a man used to giving orders and Agatha is only too eager to follow where he leads. Yet even she gives herself to him, body and soul, the Major pulls away, haunted by the death of his former lover at the hands of his enemies.

When the trail leads to the estate of a sexy Count, Agatha goes deeper undercover. Determined to release the Major from the ghosts of the past and expose the Nazis, Agatha will go to any lengths to get her man.

Publisher's Notes: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: implied homoerotic sex, violence, anal sex, light bondage.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 4.25