Ace in the Hole

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Ace in the Hole

Ace in the Hole begins in Tibet, 900 A.D. as Tenzin, a practicing monk, gets bitten by a vampire, then the story advances to Shanghai, 1899 when Lily, an immortal practicing White Tigress theology, wins Tenzin playing 5 card stud poker.

The White Tigress theology in part is woman needing the yang essence of males to maintain their goddess position as men attain yin, the female essence to become gods. The exchange of sexual energies or essences takes place during sexual play practiced, with reverence, by Lily and her brothel's workingwomen.

There is drama throughout as the threat of attack on her women comes to fruition, and the hope that Tenzin will become Lily's "Green Dragon". The "good" and "evil" characters are placed in well-described circumstances and settings. Ms Guillone set the stage perfectly.

I applaud Ms Guillone for writing in the idea of empowering women especially those down on their luck during this era, and being able to make this a highly erotic story with little sexual intercourse.

Enjoy this little Eastern adventure discovering the many facets to Ace in the Hole.

Book Blurb for Ace in the Hole

Genre: Multicultural Erotic Historical Paranormal

Length: Novel

Lily Tan is a Tigress, an immortal practitioner of the erotic arts. She gives men erotic pleasure in return for their life force, but gives her heart to no man. When she wins a mysterious and handsome Tibetan wanderer in an underground poker game, Lily's control over her heart and body begin to slip. His willingness to submit to Lily despite his potent maleness prove a combination that may tame even the wildest Tigress.

Ex-monk Tenzin Gayatsu has a secret: he was attacked by a demon and made a vampire. A living vampire. The raging desires for blood and flesh send him looking for a teacher, one who can teach him to make desire his ally. He finds that teacher in Lily, but cannot reveal his secret shame.

While Lily teaches Tenzin her erotic arts, Tenzin's compassionate gaze and skilled hands ease away the wall she's built around her heart. Yet just as she's beginning to trust him, a tragic event reveals that Tenzin is a vampire, a member of the race that once enslaved and tortured her.

Lily wants to push him away but she cannot. Another vampire is out to kill everyone Lily loves and she needs Tenzin's help. She must trust him and pray he is the man he claims to be. She must hope he will truly be her ace in the hole.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: male/male interaction, violence, voyeurism.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 5.00