A Siege of Herons

In 124 pages A Siege of Herons is silly, serious, erotic, and tearful. Ms. Kelly's building on ancient Indian beliefs is gutsy mixing folklore, the dream world, erotica, and contemporary romance with an imagination that makes this story very entertaining.

The circumstances in which Gaia and Ned meet is silly- she's in a full fledge heron outfit complete with feathers, he falls and she ends up on top of him tail feathers and all. It was bound to happen, because he had dreamed it, to some degree, beforehand. Their dreams were as erotic as erotic can get and after they meet it becomes true in this life as in a prior life.

Sahara Kelly has a list of many books she's written and in A Siege of Herons her experience shows through. I would recommend this story to anyone that truly enjoys a taste of the erotic, a taste of Indian lore, or the concern for a healthy environment.

Book Blurb for A Siege of Herons

Dreams! Some say they can foretell the future, but in Gaia Jackson's case they reveal her past. With a strong link to her Native American ancestry, Gaia accepts them without question as part of who she is. Her job in Washington gives her great satisfaction as she works hard to protect the environment she loves.

Dr. Ned Harper isn't comfortable with his dreams.He's been plagued by hotly erotic sleeping journeys into a Native American world that astounds him. As does the beautiful woman he takes to the peak of passion every damn night. Only to find that at the ultimate moment of his dream — she turns into a heron.

When fate sends Gaia tumbling into Ned's arms, their dreams become much more than vague images in the darkness. But will politics prove an obstacle to passion? There's only one way to find out — go back to a time when the forests were untouched, when sounds in the sky came from the beating of wings and there were shadows cast on the land by a siege of herons.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 5.00