Wolf Nip: Northern Lights Edition

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Wolf Nip: Northern Lights Edition

Granite Lake Wolves Book 6

Another hit for Vivian Arend and a great addition to her Granite Lake Wolves series. Check out this charming novella as an easy going wolf fights to win the heart of his reluctant mate.

Tessa Williams is determined to establish a B & B in Haines, Alaska. She doesn't envision any problems despite the fact that the town is home to the prominent wolf pack. As long as the wolves don't have a problem with Tessa being a Cougar shifter then everything should be okay. She never expected one of the local wolves, Mark Weaver, would want to claim her as his mate.

Mark is the owner of the property Tessa wants to buy for her new business. The only thing is that Mark can't sell the historical property. Instead, he proposes a partnership between them. Tessa is more than happy to go into business with Mark. It's the mate thing she's not so sure about. You see, cats don't instantly recognize their mates as wolves do. The finicky feline wants to fall in love before mating. So it's up to Mark to convince the frisky cat that he's already in love with her.

I liked this short story and I'm sure that other readers will too. Mark and Tessa were so easy to like that I found myself wishing for more. Even though this novella was a bit short for my reading taste, I found myself willing to overlook that because I was captivated with Mark and Tessa. For readers who prefer a longer story... you may want to pass on this one. But for fans of the Granite Lake Wolves series then Wolf Nip is a must read.

Reviewed Original Version in 2012.

Book Blurb for Wolf Nip: Northern Lights Edition

A standalone title in New York Times bestselling author Vivian Arend’s light-hearted, feel-good paranormal series.


Cat got your tongue?

The historic landlocked paddle-wheeler Tessa Williams spots in Haines, Alaska, strikes her as the perfect location for an Eco-tour B&B. When the owner refuses to sell, though, she’s sure a little in-person charm is all that’s needed. What she finds is a handsome wolf who greets her with a scalding hot kiss followed by the announcement that they’re mates. But she’s a cat…and cats don’t do insta-mates.

Local wolf-slash-owner of said vessel, Mark Weaver, isn’t hanging on to the landmark building out of spite. There are more reasons for holding back the sale than are easily explained on paper. The sexual attraction between them isn’t in question, just everything else. He wants her. She wants twue wuv. His wolf can’t figure out what the holdup is. Her cat thinks the entire situation, and the pack, are rather amusing.

Somewhere in here is the beginning of a beautiful relationship—if they don’t drive each other mad.

Warning: One hyper cat, one laid-back wolf. Inappropriate use of permanent markers, and a heaping side dish of cat/dog jokes. Shenanigans (read: nookie) in front of a roaring fire. Spiced liberally with sarcasm. Enjoy!


The NORTHERN LIGHTS EDITION is a revised and extended version of the 2013 original.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.50