Vipers Rule

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Vipers Rule

A Skulls Creek Novel, #2

I was completely enthralled by this book. It was an intensely romantic, emotionally raw and scorching hot read.

Talon Garrity and Maddie Wells were an unlikely couple, which is what made them work so well in this story. Tals was a total bad ass and the club enforcer for the Vipers Motorcycle Club. Maddie was the girl he had a thing for in high school; the one he never forgot. They came from different backgrounds, we're talking opposite sides of the tracks territory here. Despite that they shared an intense connection and personal history. Back then they traveled different paths but now Maddie is back and determined to re-connect with Tals, even as danger trails her right back to the club's door.

It was easy to get caught up in the romance and drama of this book. I really liked Tals and Maddie together. They were kind of like star crossed lovers that were meant to be, even as each one had people trying to keep them apart. Of course, I was completely captivated by Tals and his heartbreaking past. I loved how he took care of and protected Maddie and how she wanted to do the same for him. There was a lot going on in this book. Maddie and Tals had a mountain of damages and issues to wade through and plenty of people getting in their way.

This novel was a well written and thrilling read. It had a smoothly flowing and engaging plot with more than one side story. The romance was wonderful and I loved and connected with the characters. I hurt for some of them, got aggravated at others and can't wait to read more about all of them.

I enjoyed every single page of this novel and can't wait for more. I recommend it to everyone.

Book Blurb for Vipers Rule

From the New York Times bestselling author of Vipers Run, here is the latest Skulls Creek novel, starring the outlaws of the Vipers Motorcycle Club and the women in need of their protection—and love.…

Even though he’s no longer a U.S. soldier, Talon “Tals” Garrity hasn’t lost his desire for living on the edge. As the enforcer for the Vipers Motorcycle Club, the eternal bad boy is always getting into trouble—especially with the ladies, who can’t seem to resist him. But when Maddie Wells returns to Skulls Creek, he’s shocked that she can’t seem to keep her hands off him either. Good thing Tals doesn’t mind playing with fire.

Growing up with her family’s prestigious name and money, Maddie could never indulge a bad-boy biker like Tals. Now that she’s back, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to him. But if Maddie ends up getting what she wants, they might both be sorry. Because some very dangerous men are hot on her trail—and Tals and his MC will have to put their lives on the line to protect her.…

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 4.00