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Silver Creek #1

Unexpected is book one in The Silver Creek Romance series. It's an entertaining story about Cole and Kelsey, two people brought together by a baby. In the book we see how despite the mistake that brings them together, they find themselves connected by a common interest. They discover that they actually have a lot in common, besides the obvious, they've both seen some heartache, had some family conflict, and share a cynicism about love. When they bond together to do the right thing for their child, they find themselves longing for a love they thought they'd never find.

Unlucky in love and with her biological clock ticking away, Kelsey Noble makes the decision to have a child on her own. When her visit to the fertility clinic results in a mix-up, she finds a handsome cowboy on her doorstep claiming to be her baby daddy. She is miserably sick - pregnancy isn’t always pretty - she realizes that she has a responsibility to let her child know its father.

Cole Mitchell has been burned by love and now one of his mistakes has come back to bite him. The sexy rancher is shocked at the discovery that a stranger is carrying his baby. He's more than a little bitter and totally cynical about people and relationships. He's not sure what he should do about it, but he can't turn his back on his own child. He has some emotional issues with this that are delved into later on in the story. Together they decide that Kelsey will join Cole out on his ranch in Silver Creek. She can recuperate and they can get to know each other and work out some details.

I had read this trope in other books, and honestly found it hard to believe. I found this book to be different, believable and very well written. For one thing, the author did an excellent job with the character development. Cole and Kelsey's motivations were explored, and their family dynamics was shown. They were both conflicted about their families and their romantic pasts.

They didn't fall in love right away, were actually hesitant to start a romantic relationship, making the story even more credible and entertaining. Still, they had a great chemistry that was impossible to ignore, and surprisingly it was Cole that balks at getting physical. He doesn't propose right away, either, and then Kelsey really makes him work for it. That's when things started to get hot around the ranch, with Cole teasing Kelsey to get what he wants. He was a good looking cowboy that knew how to work it.... until Kelsey took matters into her own hands. So to speak......

The book had some interesting supporting characters. Cade, the rodeo rogue, was someone I'd love to read about in the future. Kelsey's sidekick, Alexis, had herself a fling with Tyler, the young ranch hand. Just a little something to keep the book moving, that I enjoyed as well. The entire story had a perfect flow, the author deftly handled the main character's romance while intriguing the reader with the secondary romance that Alexis and Tyler had going on. There were a few hints here and there about something going on with Cade that I found very intriguing. Maybe in the next book I'll find out.

Overall, Unexpected was a sweet romance that I enjoyed reading. Looking forward to more. So, I am happy to recommend this one.

Book Blurb for Unexpected

After spending another family wedding fielding questions about her non-existent love life, Kelsey Noble decides she’s tired of waiting around for things she could go out and get herself. What Kelsey wants is a baby, and she doesn’t see any point waiting for a husband she’s not even sure she wants. But a mix-up at the fertility clinic lands her with a hassle she didn’t count on. A big, muscular hassle in a Stetson and cowboy boots.

Cole Mitchell is shocked to discover that a grand gesture from years past has come back to haunt him. Now, thanks to a clerical error, a woman he’s never met is having his baby—and there’s no way he’s going to walk away and forget he has a child.

Trying to make nice with the unexpected father of her baby lands Kelsey in Silver Creek, Oregon, dealing with the kind of small town life she left behind years ago. Even worse is dealing with the burning attraction she feels for Cole. She knows adding sex to the mix is a very bad idea, but she’s not sure how long she can resist falling for the last man she ever expected…

Includes a preview of Maisey Yates’ novella, Unbuttoned.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00