Uncommon Passion

This is one of those books that I enjoyed reading, but there were a few niggling things that bothered me.

The plot was intriguing, not one that's been done to death. The heroine, Rachel, who comes from a very sheltered and religious background, has found the courage to break away from her old life. She's got a bucket list and is very determined to live a fulfilling life. One thing on her list is to lose her virginity, so she wins a hunky "Bad News Guy" at a charity auction. Got to say, Rachel was a sassy character, but I never saw her throwing caution to the wind like that.

That being said, the lady had great taste in men. Ben was a sexy Swat cop, an adrenaline junky, who thrived on danger. He was a bit of a man-whore. These two don't mess around, they get down and dirty on their first date, without Ben even realizing that the woman in his bed is a virgin. He wakes up the next morning, hung over and disappointed in himself. I'll give him credit, confronting the evidence was pretty shocking to him, got him wondering if one night stands was all he's got in him. He goes looking for answers from Rachel, and is intrigued by her story. He wants another chance to show her pleasure and give her a few lessons.

There was a lot of potential in this book, but I felt that the plot needed a deeper conflict. I'd hoped for more suspense with the religious cult coming after Rachel. When that never happened, I was a bit disappointed. That said, I didn't have a problem enjoying it. As I read the book cover to cover, not once was I bored or tempted to skip pages. The story held my attention with the personal conflict alone.

The storyline delves into the character's motivations. It gave me a glimpse into Rachel's past, raised up in a religious commune setting, longing for her freedom and finding the courage to make a life for herself in the outside world. I found her to be a very courageous heroine, with a determination that few people possess. The author aptly brought Rachel's frustrations and her continued love for her father, making the reader sympathetic to her plight. The story digs much deeper into Ben's more conflicted past. He was a very troubled man, with some complex issues that the author does an excellent job demonstrating. It explains why he has trouble connecting with Rachel, and how he rationalizes his behavior. At first, Ben is apologetic, then as the story progresses, he shows tremendous growth as a hero worthy of my affection.

The steamy sex scenes easily kept me entertained. The premise of the story was based on sexual exploration, the protagonists enjoyed it, as did this reader. The love scenes between Ben and Rachel were intense and explicitly detailed. So if that's not your cup of tea, then Uncommon Passion might not be the book for you. As for myself, I loved it. No doubt, I will never think about honey again without having a flashback to one very memorable scene. **Fans Self **

This was my first time reading one of Anne Calhoun's books. It won't be the last. I loved it and think that others will too. I am happy to recommend this book, and look forward to reading more of Anne Calhoun's books in the future.

Book Blurb for Uncommon Passion

After leaving a restrictive religious community, Rachel Hill is on a mission to divest herself of her virginity. Newly independent and struggling to establish herself, she’s not looking for anything complicated. She bids on sexy SWAT officer Ben Harris at a bachelor auction, confident he’ll give her the night of her life and nothing more.

But Ben is jaded and detached, living his life in an endless cycle of danger-fueled adrenaline jags, drinking, and sex. When he misses the fact that his bachelor auction hookup is a virgin, he’s shocked by his obliviousness, and by the risk she took. To make amends, Ben offers Rachel all he can: a no-strings-attached sexual education.

Ben’s lessons introduce Rachel to down and dirty passion, but she’s searching for something more profound than sex, and she’s willing to walk away to find it. Ben can’t get Rachel out of his head, but will he come to terms with his troubled past and learn to love?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.50