Ultimate Sins

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Ultimate Sins

The Callahans, #4

Lora Leigh saved the best for last! Ultimate Sins is the fourth and final book in this wickedly addictive series. While I have enjoyed each one of The Callahan books, I truly feel that the author did the most amazing job on this one.

Ultimate Sins is Crowe Callahan and Amelia Sorenson's book. What an awesome story to close out the series. A devious killer still threatens the Callahan’s and the people closest to them. The author kept me on the edge with every secret that she revealed. The suspense was about to kill me a few times. Lora Leigh never fails to create a suspenseful plot. It's one of the things I love about her books. Not to forget the sizzling hot love scenes that were so well done. Then finally, she blew me away with a huge secret for Crowe. This secret was so intricate and well done that it had to have been planned almost from the beginning. Yet it took me completely by surprise.

The characters were incredibly vibrant in this story. Actually, for me, Crowe has been the one to watch. The most intriguing of the Callahan rogues. It's been that way since I read the first book and fell in love with this series. The author stayed true and kept Crowe as the ultimate alpha male, just as I had anticipated. Amelia, well that girl had me fooled. I really hadn't wanted her with Crowe because I figured she might not be strong or worthy of him. I have to say that I was wrong on that one. Amelia was stronger and cleverer than I first believed. It was a welcome surprise.

Mere words cannot say how much I enjoyed this book. I hung on every word, as I sighed at the sweet parts, caught my breath in a few places and even cried a few tears when I realized that this is the end. I think that Lora Leigh did what she does best in this book. I can't wait to find out what she has in store for us next.

Book Blurb for Ultimate Sins

Three men, bound by blood, will stop at nothing to protect the women who have stolen their hearts and who they have claimed as their own—no matter what the price.A FORBIDDEN LOVEEx-Marine Crowe Callahan has only had one obsession in life: Amelia Sorenson. She is the only one who has ever gotten under his skin. However, she is also the daughter of his family’s sworn enemy: a man who has sought to destroy the Callahans for generations in order to further his own nefarious agenda. A DANGEROUS FATEWhen Amelia put herself on Crowe’s side and in Crowe’s bed, she became her father’s enemy as well. When Wayne Sorenson escapes capture, both Amelia and Crowe know it is only a matter of time before he resurfaces to exact his revenge. Now Crowe will claim Amelia in order to bait a killer and end things once and for all. But can he protect the woman he can’t seem to live without from one of the deadliest enemies he has ever known? And will he survive if he can’t? in Ultimate Sins.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 5.00