Turn and Burn

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Turn and Burn

A Blacktop Cowboys Novel

Lorelei James totally rocked my world with this book. I loved this newest Blacktop Cowboys novel. She brought the characters to life as a wild Texas cowgirl ropes herself one fine Wyoming cowboy.

Tanna is a down on her luck rodeo girl who's looking for a place to land. She's got some friends in Muddy Gap and she takes them up on a job offer to work at the Split Rock resort for the summer. This rodeo cowgirl could get a little wild. She hooked up with Fletch for an unforgettable one night stand. No names ... No games. That's what they thought. As fate would have it, they move in the same circles and it is inevitable that they meet again. Fletch wants more than Tanna is ready to give and he pushes for it. The romance gets off to a rocky start. Lucky for Tanna that there isn’t a way to win against a stubborn cowboy.

Smokin' Hot love scenes almost set my Kindle on fire. It's a sure thing that James was more than generous with the love scenes in this one. Shew! It had me cranking up the AC a couple of times. Always my favorite part of this author's books. But even though the love scenes were steamy, they were written with such an emotional intensity that I never felt this story was just about sex.

Another facet to every James book is that she always delivers a real story that I can easily get into. I got pulled into this one almost from the start and made the connection with Tanna. Considering that she had been a world champion rodeo queen and now she had nothing ... I'd have to be heartless not to feel for her. I liked how James gave her that emotional journey and made her fight to get back in the saddle. Tanna had some serious issues and they didn't resolve themselves overnight. Just like Tanna, Fletch had some issues that he had to work through. He had to face some things about his own life and decide what was most important in his life.

Finally, this book wasn't only about the romance. The heart of this story was about family and friends coming together and looking out for you, even when you don't want to accept their help. Pushing you when you're too scared to do it yourself. Seeing the things that you don't even know about yourself. It's about family and friends that care about each other.

Lorelei James has delivered yet another emotionally intense and sexy cowboy story. I loved it! I would recommend this book to any reader who likes cowboy romance with a little more bang.

Book Blurb for Turn and Burn

Tanna Barker is a world champion barrel racer. But her personal life has been less of a success, and she’s feeling adrift. After her mother’s unexpected death, her father has remarried, and sold the Texas ranch she called home. Now a rodeo injury has left the restless spitfire holed up in Muddy Gap, unsure what her next move should be.

Until she meets her match in a wild, wild cowboy

Veterinarian August Fletcher has always put his job first. He’s never found a woman who could handle his on-the-road lifestyle. But when sassy, sexy Tanna blows into town, he finally finds the woman of his fantasies. And there’s something between them, but she claims she’s been burned by love ’em and leave ’em road dogs before. How can Fletch prove that he’s in it for the long haul, and that their sizzling relationship is better than winning any rodeo medal? It’ll take some sweet persuasion to convince Tanna that Muddy Gap is where she belongs.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.50