Tuck's Wrath

The Brothers of Menace MC Series Book 5

Amazing! Another wonderful story and one of my favorite books in this series.

Tuck's Wrath is a fantastic addition to Brothers of Menace Series. You might say that the author took a different path with this one. The characters were wonderful, especially Tuck, who as it turned out, was a deeply troubled soul. He cares about Jana and Braden, but didn't believe himself worthy of them because of his chaotic past. So he held back from taking what he wanted until Jana got kidnapped by her crazy ex. Then Tuck has to re-visit his own past to rescue the woman who is his future.

This book didn't have quite as much action but it definitely made up for that by pulling me in and making me care so much about the characters. It's an emotional story about taking a second chance even when you don't feel like you deserve one. Tuck had so many flaws and made mistakes and almost lost everything. Yet, he owned those same mistakes. What I loved most about this story was how honest Tuck and Jana were in their relationship. The characterization was spot on for this story. In addition there was an intriguing secondary storyline going on with Pierce. That one came as a total surprise and it sets up major fireworks for the next book. I can't wait!

I felt this book was beautifully written and absolutely loved the happy ending for Tuck and Jana. I also liked how Jenika Snow opened something up and left in in play for the next book. This was another great read from an author that never disappoints and I am really looking forward to the next book.

Book Blurb for Tuck's Wrath

Jana Finley just wants to escape from her abusive ex and start over with her son. She never envisioned her new life involving a motorcycle club. Even with the sex, partying, and violence that surrounds the MC, one biker in particular fascinates her.

From the moment Boston “Tuck” Oakley saw Jana he wanted her. When Jana is abducted right off club property something inside of him snaps. A beast emerges, thirsty for the blood of the one that took her. With vengeance running his blood cold, he will do whatever it takes to find her and kill anyone that stands in his way.

But time is running out, so in order to find Jana, Tuck resorts to something that puts the club in danger. Because of that betrayal his patch and even his life are on the line. He must find some way to make it right with the MC, as well has convince Jana that being with him isn’t the absolute worst mistake she’ll ever make.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 4.00