The Silent Princess

The MacKellen Alphas, #2

This was an okay read and a decent follow up to The Loneliest Alpha.

It was an entertaining read with a main plot that pulled me in right away. However, it did have a few problems. I found myself disappointed by editing mistakes. There were misspelled words and incorrect wording throughout. So much that I was often left guessing as to what the author meant to say. It happened too many times and in way too many instances. Another problem was too many sub-plots; some were resolved while others were left hanging. Only one of the multiple storylines seemed to work for me, and ironically, it was the one involving Jo, which seemed to set up the next book. I am actually looking forward to that one.

I will say that I liked the main characters in this story. I loved reading about Alex and Hanna, and I especially liked how the author put them in an intense situation so they had to rely on each other to survive. They had one heck of an adventure while facing a ton of baggage and emotional drama before they were ready to begin a relationship. Alex and Hanna both had a lot of scars left to heal. That's my favorite kind of story and I felt that the author did a great job on that part. Another thrilling aspect was the steamy love scenes. While yet another positive aspect was how the plot twists kept coming. I never knew what would happen next.

The Silent Princess may not be my favorite T.A. Grey book, but it was still an enjoyable read. I look forward to the next book in The MacKellen Alphas Series.

Book Blurb for The Silent Princess

Hanna MacKellen has landed in a heap of trouble. No longer married to her adulterous mate, she has moved on with her life and is finally enjoying some excitement she’d missed out on for years. After a date with a lykaen prince goes terribly wrong, Hanna finds herself in the hands of enemies. Worse, she’s gotten Alex Thompson in the thick of it too.

Alex Thompson is a man of mystery and dark secrets. He keeps his emotions locked away from emotional connections, because he knows no woman could ever accept him once she learned of his past. Especially not someone like the “princess”—Hanna MacKellen. Educated, sophisticated and hard-working Hanna is out of his league on many levels. Women like her simply did not mix with men like him.

Stuck together in a life-threatening situation, there’s only two options: escape or die. Together they wind up on the adventure of a lifetime. A journey which asks Alex to question his own past and in which Hanna discovers her own morality and strength. On top of it all Hanna’s heart is in jeopardy of falling in love with the wrong kind of man, and she doesn’t know if she can stop it from happening. Or if she even wants to. Stands Alone: Yes

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 3.50