The Scot's Bride

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The Scot's Bride

Highland Heirs, #7

“The Scot's Bride” is another great Highland Romance from Paula Quinn. I've been following along with the MacGregor saga since the very first book. This author never fails to capture my full attention with her absolutely lush stories and amazing characters.

The Highland Heirs series is so rich in history. Patrick is the son of Tristan and Isobel and let's just say that the apple didn't fall far from the tree with him. Like his father before him Patrick was a handsome, lovable scoundrel who had no intention of ever settling down. He never wanted a wife or any responsibility until Charlie aka Charlotte Cunningham came along and claimed his heart. However, their entire relationship began with a big lie that soon snowballed into a lot of little ones. Poor Patrick couldn't seem to catch a break.

One of the things that I love about any Paula Quinn book is that they are sure to be beautifully written. I loved how Patrick kept thinking about his father and how much he missed his family back at Camlochlin. This was a treat for me since Tristan and Isobel's book still remains my favorite one in this series. It's the romantic in me that loves it when the unrepentant rogue gets tamed by his woman. There is a good mystery in “The Scot's Bride”. Readers get a long lost family connection, and a twist that you won't see coming until it happens.

“The Scot's Bride” is another wonderful addition to the MacGregor / Highland Heirs Series. I loved it and can't wait for the next book.

Book Blurb for The Scot's Bride


Highlander Patrick MacGregor likes his life just the way it is. Fighting for his coin, enjoying a woman's charms, and bearing no responsibility at all? Aye, that's the life for him. That is, until Patrick sees her-a raven-haired beauty with eyes as dark as midnight. Patrick swore never to fall in love. Not even with a lass as wild as he...especially when she's from a rival clan.


Charlotte Cunningham knows Patrick is trouble the moment she sets eyes on him. Her only goal is to escape the possibility of marriage. Any marriage. But as the summer days turn into sultry nights, enticing her beyond reason, Charlie is forced to choose between the freedom she craves and the reckless rogue she can't forget.

In the New York Times bestselling tradition of Lynsay Sands, Hannah Howell, and Karen Hawkins comes a new book in Paula Quinn's new sinfully sexy Scottish romance series.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2017 5.00