The Protector

Wild Mountain Shifters Book 2

I really enjoyed this book!

The characters were absolutely wonderful. Cole and Blair were soulmates before tragedy and insecurity tore them apart for five long years. Then trouble came calling and they were thrown back together again. Cole was determined to win Blair’s trust but the stubborn fox made him work very hard for it.

"All I can say is I am sorry, and try to mend your heart. Can you please trust me enough for that?”

The drama was thick in this book and it was loaded with emotions. It also had a never ending suspense that took several twists throughout the story.

This book had it all! The writing is solid and I loved the vivid world building and concept of different shifter species living together. It had a plot that was involved but fast paced and also had intriguing secondary stories that all tied together with a suspenseful arc that will probably span the entire series. We get a happy ending but it is not an easy one. The journey was filled with emotion, naughty BDSM sex, and a mystery that kept me waiting in breathless anticipation.

The most important thing I can say about this book is that I fell in love with the characters. Not just the main couple but so many others, and most especially Lucas grabbed at my emotions. I cannot wait to read his book! I am so happy to recommend this book to everyone.

Book Blurb for The Protector

Cole and Blair planned to mate, until a tragic event caused Cole to call off their relationship. By the time Cole realized his awful mistake it was too late. Blair had gone, joining her parents overseas.

For four years Blair lived abroad, but when her grandmother died, she returned to take over her grandmother’s café. She still tried to avoid Cole, but he never gave up over the year she has been back. He always ensured she was safe, going into her coffee shop every day, hoping that she would forgive him, but she remained aloof.

When Blair breaks shifter law, the shifter Guardian Michael forces her to submit to Cole. She spends one night with Cole and realizes if she stays, she will fall for him all over again, and decides to run.

But a human wanting revenge on shifters for his brother’s death is watching Blair, and waiting for his chance to exact his revenge on her.

With this dangerous man intent on harming Blair, Cole may lose her forever before he gets the chance to win her heart again.

Be Warned: BDSM, spanking, anal sex

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2015 4.50