The Omega's Heart

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The Omega's Heart

Wilde Creek, #4

This book was everything that I'd wanted it to be.

I absolutely loved the main characters in this story. Jeremiah was a hot wolf shifter, and a really good man, but he was kind of broken. He was a shifter who couldn't actually shift. His parents abandoned him and most of his Pack looked down on him. The story opens just as he is getting ready to move on from it all. Now I remembered Jeremiah from the last book in this series and had felt bad for him, even wondering where Ms. Butler would go with the character, so naturally I was happy when he found such a wonderful mate who helped him to find his place in the Pack. Honey was great. She was strong character and stood up for Jeremiah right from the start. I really loved her. She was smart and had been put through a lot because of her dysfunctional father yet it hadn't made her bitter at all. Another good thing was the chemistry between them. It was hot and the love scenes were sizzling.

The overall writing was excellent. The book is part of an ongoing series with characters that were fleshed out nicely and the continuity was good. The characters stayed true to how they were in previous books. The story flowed at a fairly fast pace with an unexpected twist that I never saw coming. The secondary characters were engaging. I felt there was some good leads involving a few of the other Pack members, so it will be interesting to see what happens next.

Overall, I was impressed with this book. The emotional element got me hooked from the beginning and then it kept me interested with the intense passion, suspense, and great writing. I would recommend this book, and look forward to reading more in the series.

Book Blurb for The Omega's Heart

Jeremiah Kincaid has spent most of his life on the outside looking in. Unable to shift even though he is a full-blooded wolf, he is forced to be an omega in his pack, looked down upon by his fellow pack members. No male wants him at his back in a fight; no female wants him in her bed. He finds himself reaching the limit of what he can tolerate and makes plans to leave the pack.

Honey Williams’ alpha father has been acting strangely ever since she turned twenty-five, and as the January full moon draws near, she begins to feel like something is going to happen to her. Something bad. She decides to leave town before whatever bad thing is heading her way reaches her. As the full moon looms near, she knows she needs to find a place to stay so she can shift and hunt before she moves on in her attempt to get away from whatever plans her father is making for her. When she arrives in Wilde Creek two days before the full moon, she sees a small town with lots of woods to hunt in and knows she’s found a temporary place to stay. To ensure her father can’t order her home for the full moon, she disables her car, getting help from a friendly she-wolf and a handsome tow-truck driver.

When Jeremiah fakes illness to avoid the full moon preparations, he never expected to be sitting on his back porch that night and have his life change forever. One look at the sultry beauty who shifts in his yard and he knows he’s in the presence of his mate. Honey’s father demands she return home, and the truth of his betrayal is revealed. Jeremiah is determined to keep Honey safe and keep her forever. He might not be able to shift, but he’ll do anything in his power to protect her.

When a non-shifting wolf and a beautiful she-wolf get together, expect scorching sex, ripped clothes, and furniture broken in the heat of passion. Contains m/f interaction.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 4.00