The Highlander's Warrior Bride

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The Highlander's Warrior Bride

The Stolen Bride Series, #4

I have enjoyed each book in the Stolen Brides series. Each story has been unique in its own way. However, I must say that Knight really stepped out of the box with this one and it just may be my favorite.

Julianna has to be my favorite heroine for sure. Her strength and bravery set her apart from most female characters. Who would've guessed at her secret agenda? A female warrior - or bodyguard - skilled in covert actions. Totally devoted to her King. A secret heritage. This was some titillating reading for sure. She and Ronan went a couple of rounds in the last book and this time around that sizzling chemistry led to some very steamy intimacies. It also led into adventure for the daring couple, and though Julianna had some interesting tricks up her sleeve, Ronan had to get her out of some dangerous situations. Incredibly exciting stuff going on.

Ronan was a man after my own heart. A bold warrior, skilled in warfare, and dedicated to his goal of freeing Scotland from tyranny. He has been focused on his mission... until he met Julianna. He has a few issues and coping with some loss. The thing is... he doesn't want to take his focus away from the war that's going on. Yet he can't resist the lovely Julianna.

Julianna was keeping a lot of secrets that were inevitably revealed. What? People never get to keep their secrets. Her secrets were a game changer that made Ronan see her as beyond his reach. Poor guy still couldn't resist the temptation. Hey, we knew that's the way it would go.

So here's the thing : I loved the story. It was full of adventure and intrigue. A passionate love story... I can never resist those. So I didn't even try... just fell head long into the story. Totally enthralled with the wonderful characters and the witty dialogue. Knight's descriptive writing pulled me into the story and transported me back in time. When a writer can do that it means they are aces with me.

I love reading Highlander romance and Eliza Knight certainly knows how to get that job done right. I highly recommend this book and this series.

Book Blurb for The Highlander's Warrior Bride

Their greatest opponent won’t be battled with a sword…But with their hearts…

Ronan Sutherland is a fierce warrior. Swearing off all else, he thrives on his powerful position within William Wallace’s army. Freedom for the Scots is his mission—until he meets fair Julianna. She captivates him, intoxicates him…makes him want more out of life than what harsh dangers he’s accustomed to.

Lady Julianna is no meek maiden. She’s trained in the art of war, sister to one of Scotland’s most powerful men, and tasked with keeping the future king safe. Until she’s kidnapped by a rivaling clan. Now her only hope is for the one man she trusts—and desires—to save her.

Together, they’ll have to face down one of Scotland’s most treacherous foes… And keep from falling victim to the one thing they’ve both eluded thus far—love.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 4.50