The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride

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The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride

Cowboys & Brides, #3

This was simply another heartwarming read from the amazing Carolyn Brown. The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride is the third book in this wonderful series. It was a lovely story with a special meaning. I enjoyed reading it.

Emily Cooper comes to Ravenna, Texas to keep her last promise to her grandfather. Years ago he had exchanged letters with a young girl when he was serving in the military. Maybe he was on the eve of proposing marriage when his last letter went unanswered? Maybe not. But a lot of years later that last letter comes home. It seems that it had gotten lost at the post office and was never delivered to his sweetheart. Now, Emilie's grandfather was dying but he asked one final favor that Emily deliver that letter in person.

Clarice Adams gets a little teary eyed when Emily shows up with the letter. Then she decides to do a bit of matchmaking. She wants her grandson Greg to find a wife. She wants that real bad as the reader will soon find out. LOL! Leave it to Carolyn Brown to come up with the hilarious stunt that happens here. I kid you not ... there were some funny scenes. I ended up laughing so hard that it looked like I'd been crying.

Now, Greg wasn't happy to find a beautiful stranger ensconced on his ranch. He is immediately suspicious of Emily, who by now has been hired as his grandmother's assistant. He is determined to find out what cards she has hidden up her sleeve. So their two step begins....

I loved the book. I wouldn't change anything about it either. Everything was absolutely perfect. The plot was entertaining as hell. I got my laughs in with it. I loved the romance. Greg and Emily were perfect for each other and they soon start to realize how much they have in common. They do a lot of sneaking around, so I even got the love scenes that I crave. Once they started to exchange their own letters, then I was swept away by the romanticism. I liked the way their relationship grew and how their bond deepened until they were didn't want to say goodbye. What more could I ask for in a romance novel? Nothing I tell you!

As always, Carolyn Brown has given the readers a wonderful story. One that is overflowing with romance, laughter and real characters. I enjoyed it so much. I am recommending this book to every romance lover.

Book Blurb for The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride

With a bundle of letters in a boot box, Emily Cooper doesn't know what to expect when she arrives on Clarice Barton's Ravenna, Texas, ranch. Clarice is stunned to meet the greatgranddaughter of a man she hadn't heard from in decades and insists that Emily stay on the ranch to tell her all about him.

Greg Adams isn't thrilled with the idea of a strange, if beautiful, woman in his grandmother's company. But when this stubborn cowboy sets out to uncover her lies, he finds the truth staring him in the face: it's not an explanation he wants, it's just her.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.50