The Cowboy's Christmas Baby

Cowboys & Brides, #2

Cowboy's Christmas Baby is the second book in the Cowboys and Brides series. I can't say enough good things about this one, folks. It has everything a good book needs to captivate the reader.... it is an intense story with love, heartache, family and just the right touch of humor. Carolyn Brown is a master at bringing her characters to life and weaving stories that keep the reader enthralled. I was drawn into this book right away, easily falling in love with the larger than life characters. The author put her own unique stamp on this one.... with a sassy heroine and her sexy cowboy hero, it was a romantic tale with a bit of Christmas magic. As I've come to expect from Carolyn Brown and the thing that really hooked me, was the hilarious hi-jinx and colorful characters that made this book a fun page turner. This one had an intense and bittersweet back story that made it one of the author's more memorable books for this reader. I had fun reading it.... but I may have shed a few tears too.

It was fate, and a mutual friend, that brought Lucas and Natalie together. An online friendship that turns into a flirtation while Lucas is serving in Afghanistan. Tragedy brings them closer together and strengthens their bond. This was the point that had me reaching for the tissues, trying to hide my tears from my husband, who can't resist snickering at me when I get emotional while enjoying one of my stories. Erm.... he doesn't know that's the best part. Any hoots, these two love birds are in for a shock when their first face to face meeting goes awry.

I connected with Natalie right away. That gal was a hoot, holding her own in a showdown with Lucas, while holding a pink pistol in one hand and her baby in the other one. A strong and forthright little firecracker who stood up to Lucas, though she was disappointed in his reaction. She was the quintessential Brown heroine, strong and sassy, the way I like em'.

At first Lucas seemed like a stubborn, cranky cowboy. The reader soon comes to realize that he has been burned before and was afraid to get his hopes up again. He was going through some traumatic emotional issues, and if I waited patiently, his swoon worthiness would come shining through. Carolyn Brown creates some wonderful cowboy heroes, so she didn't let me down. With a little help, Lucas was on the road to redemption in no time.

Carolyn Brown is a master storyteller who never fails to entertain this reader. Her stories make me smile, they make me laugh and sometimes I cry a few tears. This one was perfect with characters that seemed real to the reader. There was the usual spoof that I've come to love from this author. Some of those creative scenes with the crazy animals had me busting out in laughter, while hubby gave me the stink eye because I couldn't stop giggling. The supporting characters were likeable and livened up the story. Another great thing was how the author ended the book, it was sweet and very romantic. A gratifying ending to an already entertaining book. I loved it.

I suggest that everyone needs to read at least one of Carolyn Brown's books. You won't be disappointed. This reader was hooked from the very first one, though this one is maybe my favorite. So far.... who knows what other wonderful experiences this author will come up with next. Whatever it is.... this reader will be along for the ride. I'm not done raving about this author's amazing talent. I'll be recommending this book, and the author, to all of my friends far and wide.

So Happy Reading!!!

Book Blurb for The Cowboy's Christmas Baby

Lucas Allen and Natalie Clark have been cyber-dating. Then she appears on his ranch doorstep in a winter storm with a pink pistol in one hand, a dead coyote at her feet, three whimpering puppies behind her and a baby in her arms.

He could handle it all. Except the baby.

Natalie has baggage, but then so does Lucas. Will they be willing to help each other unpack by Christmas?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 5.00