Song of the Highlands: The Cambels

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Song of the Highlands: The Cambels

The Medieval Highlanders

I have to say that I was delighted with this book. Song of the Highlands is the fourth book that I've read from this author, and let me say that she sure knows how to spin a lovely tale of Highland romance.

This book had everything. First of all, I loved the characters. Robert, our sexy hero, started out as one of those alpha males that I simply love to hate. In other words, I didn't like him all that well, 'course I think that's what the author wanted so that she could show how his love for Morgana changed him. He needed to marry for money and he meant to do that at all cost, even if it meant throwing Morgana to the wolves. It was at that point that I really wanted Morgana to end up with a different guy in the story. Be that as it may, the author did what she set out to do and Robert redeemed himself, though he still continued to make mistakes throughout the book. It was some fantastic drama and I loved every second of it. Now, Morgana was a sweet lass who had suffered a tremendous loss. She made mistakes that put her in some bad spots. Still I adored her because of her strength of character. Yes, she was a little too sweet and forgiving for her own good. But she wasn't afraid to reach for what she wanted. Saxon created great secondary characters that I hope to read about as well. Even Vika, who I understand will be the heroine in the next book. Of course, I look forward to her redeeming herself, for she has a lot of mischief to make up for.

K.E. Saxon left not one dull moment in this book. Her writing style was excellent, with several exciting subplots intricately woven throughout the story. She put it all together quite nicely, so that everything made perfect sense to me. There was so much that happened, with many twists to keep the reader guessing about what would happen on the next page. The story flowed with an ease that I enjoyed. I loved the intrigue and suspense. The mystery part was great with a couple of characters that took me by surprise. Not to be forgotten was the drama that came with all that heartache, betrayal and angst, and especially the mystical element that was thrown into the mix. This is a book that captivated me from the very first page. I just couldn't put it down as the story swept me along, making my breath catch with every new twist that it took. I read long into the night on this one, completely swept up in the story and the characters and everything they went through.

So I enjoyed this book very much, and look forward to reading the next book in the series. I highly recommend it, and will go so far as to say that for readers such as myself, who love getting lost in a great Highland romance, then Song of the Highlands is a book that you won't want to miss.

Book Blurb for Song of the Highlands: The Cambels

Morgana Cambel harbors one wish: To have one night of ecstasy with Robert MacVie. So, when she is offered such a chance—a secret switch—she determines to take it. Robert MacVie, desperately plots to ensnare his heiress lover into marriage in order to gain her dowry and pay his King the debt his late father owed. But a last minute switch changes the course of his life—and his heart—forever.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 5.00