Snake's Addiction

Chaos Bleeds, #6

I really liked this book! Snake's Addiction is book six in Sam Crescent's Chaos Bleeds Series. It was a fantastic read, definitely one of her best books that I've read.

I love how this keeps getting better with each book. This is Snake and Jessica's story, and I'll tell you that our sexy bad ass biker had to prove himself before he got a chance at a relationship. The road was bumpy because of the past that stood in their way. This time around Sam Crescent gave us a unique heroine that could stand up for hereself. I liked that part. As usual, the characters were well defined and had scorching chemistry. They had some hot sex scenes, and I liked that part too.

Snake's Addiction was fast paced and well written. It had some action and an unexpected twist near the end. Things are heating up with a certain villain so I expect the next book will probably be intense. I'm hoping for Dick but really not liking the direction he seems to be taking since there's not much hope of a redemption for Lydia. I cannot wait to see what Sam Crescent comes up with for that one.

Book Blurb for Snake's Addiction

Snake’s used to getting what he wants. Women fall all over him so much that he doesn’t have to make any effort to get them into bed. The nurse Jessica is the first woman to make him work for every second spent with her. When Chaos Bleeds club princess Judi’s pregnancy suffers complications, it gives the opportunity for Snake to get to know Jessica, and he’s willing to do anything for that chance.

Jessica has always steered clear of men like Snake. They’re only after one thing, and no matter how much she wants to, she’s not going to give in. But witnessing Snake’s pain for Judi, Jessica sees a whole new side to him, one that she can’t deny. One kiss is all it takes, and they’ve both fallen. Snake’s addicted to her. It doesn’t matter how many times he’s with Jessica—he can’t give her up.

However, their happiness is about to come crashing down around them when the Master returns to Piston County. He’s taken Lydia, Jessica’s friend, and now he wants her, too. Master always needs fresh women to play with, and Chaos Bleeds are going to pay for killing Gonzalez, his supplier.

Can Snake save Jessica in time? What will happen when she becomes another toy for the enemy? Nothing is ever simple for Chaos Bleeds.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 4.00