Ruin & Rule

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Ruin & Rule

Pure Corruption, #1

I enjoyed this engaging tale of passion, deceit, betrayal and vengeance. The story and the unforgettable characters pulled me right in there from beginning to end.

I've read a lot of MC Romance books, and let me tell you, this one falls somewhere in the top three for me. It is a complex journey that hooked me within the first paragraph, when the heroine waking up in a nightmare situation. I immediately realized that Cleo would be a strong character, but didn't realize how truly heartbreaking her trials would be. As for the hero, Art was a damaged mess who needed to avenge himself and the love that he lost. Only he knew in his heart that he never really could.

"We would live in our Heaven on earth. Where no evil was permitted to touch us.

But where there was a Heaven, there was a Hell.

A Hell lurking dark, deep and disgusting. A Hell waiting to steal our happiness. And it was coming for us."

I will tell you that this book was brilliantly written. It's a heartbreaking tale of a first true love and two lives that were ripped to pieces by the people surrounding them. It's complicated and incredibly mesmerizing. It is darkly dramatic, filled with emotions and lovely angst and a suspense that was incredible. It's a story that slowly unfolds, takes twists and turns that will leave you gasping, and always wondering what the hell will happen next. I am sad to say that it ends on a cliffhanger and I didn't like that very much. On the other hand the author promises another book where hopefully some questions will be answered and we will find out exactly who is really pulling the strings. I can't wait to find out and those answers and to see if forgiveness will be found so that Cleo and Art can have their happy ever after at last.

Overall, this was book was a great read and not one to be missed by MC Romance lovers. It is definitely one that I found hard to put down. I'm happy to recommend it and looking forward to the follow-up book, Sin & Suffer.

Book Blurb for Ruin & Rule

"We met in a nightmare. The in-between world where time had no power over reason. We fell in love. We fell hard. But then we woke up. And it was over . . ."


She is a woman divided. Her past, present, and future are as twisted as the lies she's lived for the past eight years. Desperate to get the truth, she must turn to the one man who may also be her greatest enemy . . .

He is the president of Pure Corruption MC. A heartless biker and retribution-deliverer. He accepts no rules, obeys no one, and lives only to reap revenge on those who wronged him. And now he has stolen her, body and soul.

Can a woman plagued by mystery fall in love with the man who refuses to face the truth? And can a man drenched in darkness forgo his quest for vengeance-and finally find redemption?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 4.50