Rope Me In

Knights in Black Leather, Book One

This book was not one of my favorites. Yes, I did enjoy it ...however; it failed to grab my attention so hard that I just could not put it down until that last page. That is what I look for in a truly great book and this one failed to reel me in. There just wasn't that much of a plot line. The sex was great. However, sex alone does not a great story make. Not for me. I do think that the only thing lacking was some point of conflict to give this story some meat. Possibly making it a little harder for Cara to overcome her past (example: her failed marriage, philandering / controlling hubby) . The author barely explored Cara's failed marriage. She barely mentioned the husbands cheating during the marriage.... never even touching on how he treated Cara. That would have made this story a lot better for me. This has always been a pretty good hook for me. I just thought that she overcame her reservations a little too quickly. Especially considering that she was contemplating a relationship with three men. My opinion: not quite the same quality as Sophie Oak, Heather Rainier, Leah Brooke to name a few other authors writing in this same genre. Best point: this is the first in a series (Knights in Black Leather). Sounds good. Maybe this author will get just a little bit better. The lack of a real story line was actually my only complaint. But it's a big one, the most important point for me. Will I try another book by this author? Not quite sure.

Book Blurb for Rope Me In

In Bravado, Texas, the men are good and plenty…and lonely.

Not inclined to remain horny bachelors, the three MacRae brothers devise a plan to find one fine woman and get the good lovin’ they deserve. One gander at the new gal in town, charming Cara Ford, and the cowboys decide to do some old-fashioned courting. Then they’ll offer her a thoroughly modern deal—all three of them, just for luscious, lovely her.

Cara has returned to Bravado to rebuild her life after cutting the cord to her self-centered husband. One man was a pain. Why would she want to tie herself to three ranchers known for their wildcattin’, no matter how sexy?

Undeterred, Jed, Harry and Will rope her into their daily lives, sweet-talk her into sharing their torrid nights, and set out to convince her that three hard-lovin’ men in bed is better than one.

Book Length: Short Novel

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 3.50