Prymal Passion

Prymal, #3

I chose this book mostly because it was a shifter story. It ended up being a very good book that hooked me right away, and kept me on the edge until the last page.

This story was way more than I'd expected, including the fact that it's part of an ongoing series, which means more great books for me. The entire story was well crafted with a solid plot that was twisty and totally unpredictable. The author had more than one surprise up her sleeve. The character building was great, it seemed so real. Everything was put together perfectly with a smooth flowing plot and scenes that were vividly created.

Now I come to my very favorite part which I like to call the smut factor. The juicy tidbits of which this book had aplenty. This was one hot book with passion that was over the top. Bandit was a hot alpha in every sense of the word...and he loved kids. So sweet. It even had a few funny moments with little Natusya.

I really liked this book. I enjoyed the story plot, characters, passion, and suspense. I look forward to more stories to come.

Book Blurb for Prymal Passion

Can Bandit live up to his nickname and steal Kata’s heart?

Bandit Jackson is a Rogue wolf who lives for the moment. He makes out like a bandit in all walks of life. No commitments, no strings, tons of women, wine, and eclectic gourmet food. The last thing he needs is a woman on the run with a toddler.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 4.00