Prey & Prejudice

Cougar Falls, Book 8

I love the Cougar Falls series from Marie Harte. I've enjoyed each book and felt that the series only gets better with each one. Just when I think it can't get any better than the last book, By the Tail.... it does. I loved Prey and Prejudice, it is now my new favorite. Great story. Wonderful characters. Intense love scenes. Plenty of suspense to keep me interested. That's what I call a fabulous read.

We met Miles Berman in the previous book, By the Tail. He is a reluctant Pride leader who got tricked into a corner by a sly Quince in that book. Miles is more comfortable running his business and has been angling for a way out. Well, be careful what you wish for cause somebody else wants the job. And she wants the big sexy cat in her bed too.

Zoe Castille happens to be the trouble making little sister to Quince. She's a hell on wheels cat intent on taking over as Pride leader. Shocking some people at first and amusing the heck out of Miles. The two go at each other, dance around their attraction and end up hitting the sheets, the shower and everywhere else in between.

The dynamics of their relationship were wonderful. They wanted each other but they both wanted to be in the driver’s seat. That's something new, right? For me it was, and I tell you I loved it. Finally a heroine that could take care of business, take out the trash and take care of her man. Set in a book about alpha shifters no less. I loved it. I loved Zoe. And I loved Miles because he proved he could take over when he wanted too.

So this book was a great read for me. I loved that Miles and Zoe were so perfect together. Arrogant and full of themselves. Yet they had a vulnerable side and needed to be wanted for themselves. In a nutshell.... they were made for each other. The writing was excellent as usual. The story flowed easily, no doubt helped along by the humorous dialogue at times, as well as the hot love scenes. I read in one night because it was so engaging that I couldn't put it down.

I enjoyed the book very much and look forward to more books in the series. I urge everyone to check out this book and the rest of the Cougar Falls series. No doubt you will love it as much as I did. It is fabulous!

Book Blurb for Prey & Prejudice

She'll take his heart--one bite at a time.

Now that the political nightmare over leadership is over, Miles Berman can't wait to settle back in Miami and focus on his million-dollar businesses. Problem is, everyone somehow thinks he's the new pride leader--a position he doesn't want. At. All.

Worse, Zoe Castille has roared into town, hell-bent on rattling more than a few cages. She wants control of the pride, which includes Miles at her beck and call. But Miles doesn't bow to anyone. Not even a woman whose painted-on denims turn his brain clear off.

No one plays Zoe, in or out of the bedroom, but she's confident she can show the arrogant playboy who's boss. He wears clothes with labels she can't pronounce, has women flaunting themselves at him, and grates on her last nerve. Yet she can't stop thinking about him.

She soon realizes that to get what she wants, she might have to give in a little. Then Miles shows her the pleasures of relinquishing control.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.00