Passion Ignites

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Passion Ignites

Dark Kings, #7

Donna Grant continues the Dark Kings Series with Passion Ignites. I absolutely loved this book! From the very first page I was positively spellbound. This was Thorn's story and I believe it just may be my favorite.

I love this exciting and magical world that Donna Grant has created with her Dark Kings Series. The vibrancy of the writing makes the characters seem so real in my mind. I adored Thorn and Lexi and wanted them to be together. First of all Thorn had captured my interest in the last book when he helped Warrick and Darcy. Now he was still on the outs with Con for working with Ulrik so he's just been doing his thing and killing the Dark Fae with Darius. Along the way he takes an interest in Lexi who has been following the Dark. He knows she is about to get in serious trouble so he tries to protect her. Did I say how much I adored him yet? But it was Lexi and her fierce determination that got to me from the beginning. She saw her friend murdered by the red eyed killer and she wanted her revenge. It was fate and stubbornness that led her into the path of her destined mate. That was the romantic part of the story and the conflict was that Thorn had to take a chance on love. Unfortunately, he knew that any relationship with him would put her in danger so he tried to push Lexi away to keep her safe. It didn't quite work out that way since she proved immune to just about everyone else’s charms. I had to admire her for being so loyal and also for being so easy going about all this magical stuff, dragons and evil fae and druids. She fit right in and I thought even Con respected her.

That being said there was major conflict in this book. Everything is unraveling in the world of the dragon kings. Or is it? I love Donna Grant's intricate writing style and how she can spin a mystery and somehow keep it going and ever expanding its arc. This is a series that will easily addict the reader. So many complicated things have happened in this series. The Dragon Kings continue to find love. Everything revolves around Con and Ulrik's rivalry and the war with the Dark, and we are given glimpses into what is going on with each of them. Rhi is definitely struggling with her dark side, and the Fae are beginning to fear a new and powerful presence. Donna Grant deftly incorporates more characters into the fray and even spins a new series.

I am happily addicted to this series, and I was delighted with this book. The story was masterfully crafted. It was fabulously romantic and sizzled with passion. I loved the action, suspense and the mystery. If I had one complaint it is that I am dying to learn who Rhi's dragon lover really is.... the suspense of that is killing me.

I am finding it hard to describe how much I adored this book. I really loved it! Now I look forward to the next book and falling in love with Darius. So read this book and become addicted to the magical world of The Dark Kings!!!

Book Blurb for Passion Ignites

He consumed her with that kiss, leaving no question that whatever was happening between them was meant to be-that it had always been meant to be...


Thorn is the bad boy of the Dragon Kings, a gorgeous, reckless warrior whose passions run wild and fury knows no bounds. When he sees the brave, beautiful Lexi being lured into the Dark Fae's trap, he has no choice but to rescue her from a fate worse than death. But by saving this tempting mortal, he exposes himself to his fiercest enemy-and darkest desires. As the war between Dragons and Fae heats up, so does the passion between Lexi and Thorn. And when love is a battlefield, the heart takes no prisoners...


Lexi is on a mission of justice. Every day, she searches for the monster who murdered her friend. Every night, she hides in the shadows and plots her revenge. But the man she seeks is more dangerous than she ever imagined. He is one of the Dark Fae who preys on human life, who uses his unearthly power to seduce the innocent, and who is setting a trap just for her. Nothing can save Lexi from a creature like this-except the one man who's been watching her every Passion Ignites by New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant.

The Dark Kings series is: "Intense...enchanting...[will] grab the reader's attention and won't let go." - Night Owl Reviews (Top Pick)

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 5.00