One Lucky Vampire

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One Lucky Vampire

An Argeneau Novel

Lynsay Sands makes another fun and adventurous foray into the exciting Argeneau vampire’s series with One Lucky Vampire. This book is a page turner for sure, fast paced and loaded with suspense, intrigue and steamy love scenes that easily kept me engaged in the story from start to finish.

I would've appreciated more of Sands' trademark humor, though the intensity of the plot kind of made up for it in my book. The book features Jake and Nocole. Readers may remember Jake as Stephano Notte, from Vincent's book, A Bite to Remember, where he was attacked by a rogue vampire and nearly died. In that book Vincent used his one turn to save Stephano's life. Ringing any bells here? Stephano didn't react very well, he had some issues resulting from how his family had hid some stuff from him ... like they were immortals. He kind of threw a tantrum and ran away, since then he has been making a living as a bodyguard. Which is very good because that's what brings Marguerite into the picture asking for his expertise in keeping her friend safe from a vengeful ex intent on murder. FYI ... Marguerite is known for bringing life mates together. So you kind of know what's coming. Nicole is surprised when she meets her new cook/housekeeper that Marguerite hired to help her. Jake is pretending to be a houseboy and keeping a watchful eye on Nicole's body. LOL. Nicole doesn't want to believe that her ex, or anybody else for that matter, is out to get her. But it soon becomes clear that someone wants her outta the way, though Jake keeps getting in the way.

I liked everything about this book. While it doesn't have the humor that I've come to expect from Sands, it has everything else needed to make it one entertaining read. The plot was complex with lots of stuff happening. We have the mystery of who is behind all the shenanigans that are going on. Jake and Nicole's romantic relationship is developing as it swiftly becomes apparent that they are life mates. So wouldn't you just know that there's lots and lots of steamy sex scenes. Plenty of passionate love scenes have these two checked out in all kinds of inconvenient places. Surprisingly, this book was more intense than I'd expected, with Jake and Nicole being forced to face some truths about themselves. The suspense was riveting and Sands' did an excellent job in hiding the real villain's identity. She threw in a couple of red herrings that kept me guessing right up until the end. I liked catching up with a few characters from previous books, and I was delighted that the twins, Dante and Tomasso made an appearance in the story.

As usual, Sands did a good job with the plot. It was cleverly written with wonderful characters, and I was easily engaged in the story. Jake and Nicole had a great chemistry and their steamy love scenes helped to liven up things. I came away from this book feeling satisfied and already looking forward to the next one. I'd recommend this one to everyone, but especially to fans of the series, who are bound to love it as much as I did.

So happy reading everybody!

Book Blurb for One Lucky Vampire

Love goes undercover in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lynsay Sands' continuation of her enormously popular vampire series starring the Argeneau family

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.50