Once a Duchess

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Once a Duchess

Once a Duchess was an absolutely lovely historical romance novel. I enjoyed everything about this book. The wonderful characters, the lively plot with its brilliant prose, the intense emotions, the intrigue and the passion. Elizabeth Boyce put it all together perfectly to make this a book that I could not put down for a minute. I was hooked from the first page and read it straight through until the last page was turned. I absolutely loved it.

Let me just say that I loved Isabelle, our heroine. She was earnest, smart and brave. A very lovely lady who continually pulled at my heart strings. That's exactly the kind heroine that I enjoy reading about. However, while I adored Isabelle, there were some mixed feelings about Marshall as our hero. In fact, Marshall and his mother caused a lot of heartache and hardship upon poor Isabelle. He did end up redeeming himself about midway through the book though. Now don't get me started about her big brother and her so called best friend either. They all let Isabelle down one way or the other. The drama could've been avoided. Yes, but then I wouldn't have had this lovely story that got me all mad and emotional. It goes without saying that this is why I enjoyed this book so much.

Obviously I enjoyed this book, and have no problem in recommending it to everyone. It was perfectly written with an excellent plot, great characters (love them or hate them), beautiful dialogue, and just the right amount of suspense without overwhelming the romance. I think that everyone will enjoy this one as much as I did. So read it, love it and pass on the good word.

Book Blurb for Once a Duchess

Isabelle Lockwood was a duchess, until her husband of only a few months wrongfully divorced her for adultery. Since then she’s been a pariah, living in anonymous exile to escape the prying eyes and wagging tongues of the town. More than anything, Isabelle longs for a family of her own, and so has to marry again. But society is ruthlessly unforgiving. To clear her name, Isabelle must face down her past - and the man who broke her heart and ruined her completely.

Marshall Lockwood, Duke of Monthwaite, was blindsided by his young bride’s infidelity. After the divorce Marshall licked his wounds, throwing himself into his botanical studies to forget his disastrous marriage. Now his former wife is back in Town, as beautiful and enticing as he remembers. As the Season throws them together again, Marshall can’t shake the feeling that Isabelle might not be the adulteress he took her for.

Debut Novel / Sensuality Level: Sensual

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.00