Necessary Force

K-9 Rescue, #1.5 - Novella

It's pretty darn great for a short story! This fantastic novella is the prequel to the K-9 Rescue series by author D.D. Ayres. To tell you the truth, I am already hooked on this series. So when the chance came along to grab this book I jumped on it right away. I am glad that I did because it was a good read that pulled me in right away and it didn't let go until the end.

This thrilling story began with a betrayal. I don't usually like it when that happens, and it's hard for me to connect and get over it when it does. All in all though, the author did a great job with Brad's character. I was okay with everything after he became so determined to help Georgie. Now, Georgie was one of those heroines that I like to read about. She was a strong one. She stayed calm and faced the situation and did something about it. They had great chemistry together, but not really a lot of hot love scenes. There just wasn't time for that because of the length of the story and all that was going on. So I think their story should've been told with a full length novel. Just so I could've had more of them, you see. Lol :))

The suspense here was good. It kept me on edge trying to figure out the identity of Georgie's stalker / secret admirer. I will say that I liked the big twist the author threw in, though I kind of had it figured out by then.

So I really enjoyed the book. The writing was good, the plot was strong and made sense. Everything flowed perfectly so that it was easy to read. I liked the characters, the dog, the romance and the suspense. The angst was extra good because of how the relationship began. That was the part that I ended up really loving. I loved the big ending too. I only wished for more time with Brad and Georgie so I could watch their relationship grow. Maybe they will pop up in another book. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I can honestly say that I never put the book down once I started reading it. I'm definitely up for the next book in the K-9 Rescue series and hoping to see a full length novel next time. Love this author and so glad that I discovered this great series.

Book Blurb for Necessary Force

As a favor for a friend, photojournalist Georgiana Flynn agrees to do a photo shoot for a sexy calendar to raise money for retired K-9 animals. A favor she's reluctant to do, even though she can’t take her eyes off one of gorgeous participants. Breaking all her personal rules, Georgie jumps into bed with him. Despite the powerful connection between them, she is relieved that they won’t be seeing one another again. But when she's targeted by a stalker the FBI suspects is the would-be bomber they have been looking for, Georgie finds that her gorgeous one-night stand is the only one who can help.

Richard Lawson is a FBI operative who’s never had any scruples about that he needs to do to get his job done. That was before he met Georgie Flynn and broke his personal moral code: never mix business with pleasure. When he and his K-9 Bomb sniffing partner Zander are assigned to protect the pretty photographer, he's determined to keep things professional. He just didn't count on the explosive connection rekindling.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.00