The Moon Series, #1

I'd never read anything from this author before but let me tell you ... I am impressed. I absolutely adore shifter books so this one was right up my alley. I really enjoyed this powerfully romantic story for its great characters and intriguing plot that thrilled me with the perfect balance of suspense. It differed from the usual shifter story with some twists and turns that I didn't see coming. Kessler gave me a unique story that kept me glued to my Kindle. It was so good that I couldn't put it down.

As the book opens, Adam, our hunky wolf shifter, is on patrol looking for some menacing Jaguars that have drifted into town and risked exposure for shifters. His nose leads him into a greasy spoon where Lana, our oblivious Jaguar heroine, is calmly eating lunch. He realizes that she doesn't know what she is, and more importantly, that she is his mate. Now he's not about to take out his mate so he'll have to go against his own Pack to save her. This poses a big problem for Adam. Things spiral out of control rather quickly as a mysterious gun toting mercenaries and a wily Jaguar shifter blow into town hot on Lana's trail. A shadowy organization is hunting her, opening up this story for some intriguing suspense.

The story was well written and most of all ... believable. Even though Adam recognized Lana as his mate ... he had to think on it for a minute. He was at odds with himself, thinking that he'd have to choose between his mate and the Pack. At times Kessler had me tore up just reading about it. See I loved Lana so much, she was a great character and I felt bad for her because of her past. I liked Adam too because he tried to protect Lana from everybody. Then he'd go and do something stupid and I'd be mad at him. I didn't like some of the choices he made because they hurt Lana so much. Considering her background, he should have known how much he was hurting her by hiding their relationship. Obviously, I never got bored with the story.

This book was well written with characters that I was eager to learn about. The plot kept me on the edge of my seat as the twists and turns kept on coming. I loved the Pack dynamics and how they came together when it came right down to it, but could've done without the bittersweet ending. I like how the door was left open for the next book. There were a lot of characters here that I'm eager to meet again soon.

For me this promises to be a series that I'll enjoy following and I recommend it as a great paranormal book.

Book Blurb for Moonlight

Rancher Adam Sloan is more than meets the eye. As the heir to his Pack, the sexy werewolf’s biggest challenge is keeping his kin’s true nature under wraps. But a group of jaguar shifters threatens to reveal the pack, blasting into town killing humans in plain sight. And when he smells one at the local diner, his standing orders are to take her out.

Lana Turpin doesn’t realize she’s a moving target. Raised in the foster system, she only knows that she blacks out during the new moon and wakes up without remembering a thing. But now she’s being tracked by some strange organization that wants her back—even though she’s never stepped foot inside their compound. And the stranger across the diner is watching her like an enemy.

It should be a simple mission for Adam, but when he touches the frustratingly beautiful Lana, his inner wolf howls…mate. Now, the two must find and stop the people who hunt her…and Adam must keep his own family from killing the only woman he will ever love.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.00