Montana Bride

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Montana Bride

A Bitter Creek Novel / Mail-Order Brides #3

Another great read from Joan Johnston. MONTANA BRIDE is the third book in this wonderful series. This romantic tale was perfectly spun with interesting characters and a solid plot. I enjoyed every page.

The main characters in the book were Hettie and Karl. They were both very compelling characters to read about. I didn't have any fond memories of Hettie though. In the first book of the series she caused so much trouble. I won't spoil things for unfamiliar readers, but I just did not see her as a good person. Still, she kept riding the fence even during this one. There were some times in this story that I felt that Karl should've kicked her out and raised the two kids by himself. She never seemed to learn her lesson. So while I wasn't exactly feeling the love for Hettie, she did have some shining moments. Like taking responsibility for the two orphaned children. She was a good mom to them. She was a poor wife to Karl for a while and that was hard for me because I liked him so much. But then she slowly started to change and grow from a silly girl into a real woman.

Karl wasn't the usual dashing hero of romance land. He wasn't a handsome, lust inspiring hunk. He wasn't rich or outgoing. But he was a good man. A good husband and father. He knew that Hettie was lying about things and realized that she'd rather have his so called friend. He was so used to being second best that he took that Hettie anyway and tried to make things right for her. The kids were hard on him and he knew they didn't respect him. But he accepted them anyway. Now I don't want to make Karl sound like a push over. Karl started to pick up on some things. He realized that something wasn't right in his world. He was simply a nice man that wanted a family of his own. Still, he knew how to be assertive when it came down to the important part.

Joan Johnston knows how to spin a story that will get to the readers every time. This one is no different. It was perfectly written and I wouldn't change not one thing about it. It was emotional, heartfelt and real. It was honest. Hettie and Karl weren't perfect. They held on to their marriage with determination and they made it work. Griffin and Grace were great supporting characters. Their love for each other, the determination that they had to stay together was so heartbreaking to read. The plot had a good dramatic element. The foul deeds that were afoot and how the kids come up with a plan to make it all good. It was simply magic from a master storyteller.

I liked this book! I don't know if it's my favorite because I really loved the first one in this series. But it's a close tie. I would so recommend it to historical romance readers everywhere.

Book Blurb for Montana Bride



When Karl Norwood’s mail-order bride meets an untimely demise on the way to the Montana Territory, Hetty Wentworth steps in to take her place. Hetty has no idea how she’s going to pretend to be all the things she isn’t—including the mother of two kids. She only knows her deception is necessary if she’s going to save two orphans from the awful fate she suffered as a child.

Karl smells a rat when a much younger woman than he was expecting arrives with two children who look nothing like her. But his mail-order bride is so beautiful, he doesn’t object—until he realizes that his charming new wife has been lying . . . about everything. Can a woman forced to keep secrets and a man hindered by distrust ever hope to find happily ever after in each other’s arms?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 4.00