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Death Dwellers MC, #2.5

First of all, I am so hooked on this series. I felt that Kathryn Kelly took things to the next level with this one. Once again, I found myself pulled into a great story that took me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Oh yes, it was hard to read at times. I'd be tearing up in some places, and it got me fighting mad too, but not one time did I put this book down.

The characters in this book were well written with Kelly giving plenty of history for them. They were flawed, every one of them made mistakes, and I was right there with them in every scene. I hurt for them. I got mad at them. I thought: How the heck could they be that stupid. Now this story really pulled at my darn heartstrings.

Kendall was broken and desperate for acceptance. She went about that in all the wrong ways and made the biggest mistake of her life. Johnny was scorching hot, but he should've put his foot down on that girl. That same sizzling chemistry was there, hotter than ever, as they burned up the pages.

As for the rivalry between Kendall and Megan, I felt it was poorly done. Though it was a main plot thread, the situation was drawn out for way too long. It got intense, things went too far and no one stepped up to stop it. It was a great set up for drama, I know it had me taking sides. But after a while it did get annoying because the guys, Outlaw and Johnny, could've handled it better. Instead of things escalating into that tragic event that went and broke my dang heart. That being said, I still enjoyed every page.

Now I want to talk about the dialogue that is one of my favorite parts of Kathryn Kelly's writing. It's downright gritty and raw. It's real and that is what pulls me, as the reader, right into the scene. It made the story flow perfectly, so as a result it was easy to read. What was a rather lengthy book simply flew by and I was left thinking that I wanted more.

Speaking of more, I can't wait for the next book. This series has an outstanding cast of characters just waiting to tell me their stories. Kelly was already putting some things in play here. She taunted this reader with a few tidbits dropped here and there. Val and Zoann. I can hardly contain myself just waiting for that one. Things went down in this book. Mortician and Bailey. I want that one too. Who knows what else this amazing author will throw out there next. Let me tell you that I am definitely up for the ride.

So all in all, I was happy with this book. I'm going to say that this series is a must read for readers who like biker romance that is threaded with dark realism. It is definitely not one that I would want to miss. It is highly recommended.

Book Blurb for Misdeeds

John “Johnnie” Donovan is determined to make his relationship work with Kendall Miller, the attorney he met during his cousin’s bachelor party. Before he can move on with his future, however, he still has loose ends to tie up from the past in the person of a rival MC’s president who is also Kendall’s ex-boyfriend. As Johnnie tries to balance his club life and personal life, another tragedy forces him to make a choice between the two. Will Johnnie be able to live with the choices he makes?

Kendall Miller is trying to pick up the pieces of her life in the wake of her ex-boyfriend’s assault. She’s ready to move on with her life and the man of her dreams, the sexy VP of the Death Dwellers MC. She demands his complete attention and isn’t willing to share her man with all the baggage of the MC. She doesn’t want to be an afterthought to him nor does she want to live her life in the midst of the clubhouse, especially with the competition taking place between Kendall and the club president’s wife. Then, catastrophe strikes and Kendall’s life is once again altered. Can she and Johnnie have a future together or has their love been doomed from the beginning?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.50