Lady of Two Lairds

Leda made a very good heroine. Secretly in love with Duncan since she was a young girl. When Duncan's wife dies while in her care he blames the poor girl for his loss. Leda's heart is broken and turns to Ian, the younger brother, for comfort.

Ian was my favorite brother, and if I had to choose just one man for Leda, then it would be him for sure. Their friendship turns to something more, but Ian thinks his future lies elsewhere. So he leaves and while he's gone Duncan comes to his senses and forgives Leda. They too grow closer, until tragedy brings Ian back home, ready to begin his future with Leda. I saw some jealousy at play and thought it might go somewhere. Instead, the writer took the plot in a different direction as deceit and betrayal part Ian and Leda once more. So now Duncan gets his chance and he persuades Leda to be his wife instead.

My feelings were a bit mixed about Duncan because of the pain he inflicted at the beginning. He hurt the heroine, who I quite liked, and that was hard for me to get over. He won my heart, though, when he stepped up after Ian broke her trust and that made me believe he could be the man she deserved. I knew it for sure when he unselfishly embraced a non-traditional relationship with his wife that included his brother.

The story was a bit racey for a historical but I felt that the writer pulled it off. I liked the plot and thought it was well written. I loved the emotional parts and how one of the heroes was more of a vulnerable soul. Most of all I enjoyed the steamy love scenes. I'm all about the love and this book lived up to my expectations.

I enjoyed it and would like to read more like it. Definitely on my recommended list.

Book Blurb for Lady of Two Lairds

One woman. Two ruggedly handsome highlanders. She loves them both. Fortunately for her, they are willing to share...

Leda MacGregor has harbored a secret love for handsome laird Duncan MacGregor since she was sixteen. When he blames her for his wife's death, she turns to his brother Ian for comfort.

Ian MacGregor finds his heart captured by Leda, his childhood friend. He desires her more powerfully than any other woman he has ever known until a cruel deception tears them apart.

Duncan MacGregor learns the powerful force of forgiveness from Leda and over time, grows to love her and desire her in a way he never thought possible. When his brother breaks her heart, he takes her for his own. When fate brings Ian back, he still loves Leda...

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations some readers may find offensive: Menage (m/f/m).

Lady of Two Lairds was previously published and re-released with Ai Press.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 3.50