Invitation To Passion

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Invitation To Passion

Invitation To #3

Well, I really loved this book! The author hooked me from the beginning and held me captivated right up until the last page. That's what I call a great read.

First of all, it was very well written with a solid plot that pulled me into the story fairly easily. It was emotional because Maddy had loved Richard for years only to be passed over in favor of other women. Their relationship grew from friendship to a marriage that began with an indiscretion but soon evolved into something real. Then Richard's old flame came back with a secret that promised to put everything at risk. Suddenly it looked like Maddy would continue being second best. I tell you, the drama was heartbreaking there.

The suspense was good with a decent mystery that took a dark and dangerous turn near the end. I liked the twist that it took, though I would've enjoyed actually seeing Sarah get what she deserved. After all, she was a piece of work, so that was a bit of a letdown for me. Still, it had characters that I liked, even with the mixed feelings I had about the hero. Now, I liked Richard but he certainly made his share of mistakes. I didn't really care for his attitude towards Maddy at first, so it was hard to overlook how he kept giving her the short end of the deal. Part of the plan or not, it was his continued secrets that hurt Maddy and eventually pushed her right into a precarious situation. On the other hand, I absolutely loved Maddy. Despite leaving herself vulnerable to some particular nastiness, she stayed strong and loyal to Richard. Almost too loyal if you ask me, but in no way was she a doormat. Last but not least, this was a very steamy book. The love scenes for Richard and Maddy were scorching hot. I liked that a lot.

I would categorize this as a standalone book. However, it is third in a series, and I soon realized that because of some references to past events in the previous books...that I just had to read those too. So I would say the series is most definitely addictive.

I enjoyed this book tremendously and highly recommend it to everyone.

Book Blurb for Invitation To Passion

Consummate rake, Lord Richard Craven, has his heartbroken when the woman he loves is forced into an arranged marriage to a violent brute. To make matters worse, circumstances force him to marry Lady Madeline Knight—a woman he views more like a sister-only for fate to play the cruelest of tricks. Shortly after his wedding his former lover is widowed, and Richard learns she could be pregnant with his child.

Madeline Knight thought she was doing the right thing when she saved Richard Craven from his lover's irate husband. Now her silly schoolgirl crush has left her married to a man who's in love with another woman. Consumed with guilt over trapping Richard, she tries her best to be the perfect wife and win his heart. Failure is not an option. For if she fails she loses everything, she loves him too much not to set him free…

While Richard and Madeline confront the reality of their marriage, Madeline’s life comes under threat. A family enemy is set on revenge. Will Richard learn the truth of his heart, and what is truly precious to him, before the unknown enemy destroys their world?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 4.00