How to Pursue a Princess

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How to Pursue a Princess

Duchess Diaries

Karen Hawkins delivers another funny, witty and engaging historical romance in How to Pursue a Princess. This writer is one of my favorite historical romance authors, and a big part of that is due to the humor she brings to her stories. She delivers a bucket load of laughs in this one, with the competitive Duchesses, the Roxburghe pugs and a love-struck but socially disfunctional Prince. This is book # 2 in The Duchess Diaries series, and it takes up where the first one ended.

Marrying for Money : With her eldest sister, Rose, away on her is up to Lily to take on the burden of finding a solution when it is revealed that their inept father has gotten in over his head with a loan that he can't repay. Lily comes up with a brilliant plan...she will marry for money. She optimistically accepts an invitation to her godmother's house party, where she hopes to find a suitable (and rich) husband. The indomitable Duchess of Roxburghe enjoys matchmaking, and she has the perfect candidate in mind as she gleefully plots to find Lily a husband.

Marrying for Love: Piotr Romanovin, the Prince Wulfinski, came to Scotland to find the woman of his dreams. Tired of being pursued for his wealth, Wulf longs for a love match. He has a plan, and instead of flaunting his riches, he makes an effort to appear penniless. But Wulf's charade cold be his undoing when he falls fast for Lily, only to learn that she is on a mission to catch a wealthy husband.

My thoughts: I absolutely adored Wulf. I loved him for his hopelessly romantic heart. I enjoyed watching as he bumbled his way through societies intricate rules...straining every one as he tried to woo his beloved Moya (his endearment for Lily). I found myself smiling at his honesty and straightforwardness, which sometimes made him seem innocent. He certainly wasn't the usual alpha jerk hero, more as a delightful change. He was- as Lily put it- simply MORE. I liked how he stubbornly pursued Lily, yet in the end he let her make her own decision, even giving her the chance to get to know his rival. Yet, he was enterprising in striking an alliance with Emma to help each other to win the ones they wanted.

I admired Lily. I liked how honest she was with Wulf. She laid it all out the first time they met, and never made any apologies for her plans. She never denied that Wulf would be her first choice, if her family wasn't on the line. I have to respect a person who is willing to forsake their own happiness to save the ones they love. I also liked how protective she was of Wulf. Her selflessness was never more evident than with the choice she almost made to save Wulf from heartache. So...yes...I liked the heroine even though her reasons seemed lame when she could've let her sister, Dahlia, make the sacrifice. It was obvious that little sister was more into Lord Kirk than she let show, and I really hope that figures into the next book.

Hawkins gave this reader more than a few laughs in this book. It was that humor that made the story flow at a super-fast speed. I kept giggling and turning the pages, and too soon the story ended. Hawkins unique brand of humor was blatantly evident in the confrontations between the two competing Duchesses. And again when Wulf's Tata tried to curse Lily and her nonexistent goats. The Roxburghe pugs and their shenanigans were a riot. However, the most amusing scenes were delivered by the Prince and his innocent faux pas and "courtship" of his dear Moya.

Once again, Karen Hawkins delivers a delightfully romantic, slightly comedic, historical romance. If you're in the mood for an entertaining romance that will make you giggle out loud...then this is the book for you. Highly recommended.

Next up....Dahlia and Lord Kirk. I can't wait!

Book Blurb for How to Pursue a Princess

The second novel in New York Times bestselling author Karen Hawkins’s sparkling Duchess Diaries series features a young woman desperate for a wealthy marriage, a prince who pretends to be poor, and a meddling godmother.

Lily Balfour has spent her entire life under the shadow of financial ruin, and she’s determined to save her family in the only way available to women—by marrying well. When the Duchess of Roxburghe, Lily’s godmother, announces she’s found the perfect match for Lily, the handsome, dashing, and extremely wealthy Earl of Huntley, Lily hopes they’ll fall wildly in love, marry, and that his wealth will save her family. But when Prince Pietr Wulfinski, the poorest of the Russian princes, walks into the Duchess’s ballroom and sweeps a hot, possessive glance over her, Lily knows she’s in big trouble. Marry the safe, handsome, and wealthy Earl, or the dangerous, rakish, but poor Prince? To make the right choice, Lily must decide if she’ll listen to her heart or her head…

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.50