Highland Vengeance

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Highland Vengeance

Highlands Trilogy, #1

What a Great Story! I think this is one of the best of the best. Absolutely one of the best I've ever read. This book kept showing up on my Kindle recommendations list. I never tried it because I was unfamiliar with the author. I was hesitant to give it a try. Then came the opportunity to read and review all three books in the trilogy. Being a great fan of Highlander romances I just couldn't pass it up. Taking that chance on this author was one of the best reading choices that I've ever made. Awesome Talent!!!

Highland Vengeance is mainly the story of Daniel MacLauren and Maryn Donald. Daniel has been clan Laird ever since being orphaned at age thirteen. He is driven by his thirst for revenge against the vicious man who slaughtered his family. He grows into a fierce and formidable warrior. He first meets the mischievous imp Maryn when he is sixteen. Twelve years later he is asked to marry her to prevent clan war. He feels a strong desire for the beautiful woman she has become so he is pleased to marry her.

This story isn't just about the hero and heroine. There is an extensive cast of secondary characters who are worthy of their own stories. It is about real people with real problems. They struggle with love, hate, jealousy, envy and insecurity. If you enjoy highly sensual love scenes... then this is the book for you. And if you love a swoon worthy hero... then this is the book for you. And if you love a hell raising heroine who's not afraid to speak her mind...then this is the book for you. I happen to love all that stuff...so this is the book for me. I'll give it five flying stars.

Book Blurb for Highland Vengeance

Set in the turn of the thirteenth century Scottish Highlands, this is the story of Daniel MacLaurin, a handsome, rugged warrior-laird haunted by his past, and Maryn Donald, the beautiful, high-spirited lass destined to help him find his heart's ease.

After his mother and grandfather, the only family he has ever known, are viciously murdered in a surprise invasion when he is a lad of 13, Daniel spends years focusing on training as a warrior and rebuilding his fortress, determined to control the world around him so that nothing like it will ever happen again.

Maryn Donald is a wild child; a lass who, as the only offspring of her widowed father, has been indulged in her high-spiritedness. So much so, that she takes matters into her own hands when she sees that the neighboring clan is mistreating their horses. She impetuously steals them and then, as recompense for her crime, must wed the powerful, wealthy young laird about whom she's heard such disturbing rumors: Daniel MacLaurin.

HIGHLAND VENGEANCE is a steamy adventure romance, but it is also a family saga. It's the story of how a man overcomes the horror of his past to find love, connection, and contentment once more.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 5.00