Highland Magic

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Highland Magic

Highlands Trilogy, #3

I don't want it to end! This is possibly the best Highland series I have yet to read. This is the third book in K.E. Saxon's Highlands Trilogy. The story begins where Highland Grace ended. This is Callum and Branwenn's story.

Highland Grace ended with Branwenn being spirited away to wed a Norman nobleman. Upon discovering some disturbing/disgusting facts about her betrothed she flees back to Scotland. During a storm she is swept overboard and into the sea. She finds herself back in her homeland where she takes refuge in a cave. It is here that she is reunited with Callum MacGregor. These two have always been attracted to each other, but they hid their feelings. They give into their desire, but still struggled to overcome their insecurities. Callum was the more stubborn of the pair. He has been shamed and betrayed by a woman before and he finds it hard to trust Branwenn. His blatant mistrust hurts her deeply. In this way he was even more frustrating than Bao was in the second book. More hurtful too. After his last stunt when he humiliated and endangered Branwenn I wanted to just smack him a good one. I could never forgive that…just saying.

This book has everything to appeal to a romance reader. It's a highly sensual love story. The characters are intriguing and very believable, because they are flawed. Just as with the second book, there is a dark element to the story. It's a disgusting one to be sure, but it makes the story even more believable. It calls to the reader. It also shows that this author doesn't shy away from any subject, which endeared her all the more to me for her fearlessness.

This trilogy was a pleasure to read. These are books that you just can't put down. This series tells about real people with real flaws. Nobody is perfect; you know….just like in real life. I only had one problem with this book, the fact that it ended! I just hate that it ended and wish that it could have gone on forever. The Highlands Trilogy is definitely a keeper for me.

Book Blurb for Highland Magic

A trial by combat...A fight to the death...A test of the heart...

The third in the Highlands Trilogy, HIGHLAND MAGIC begins where HIGHLAND GRACE ended, giving you Branwenn and Callum’s story.

Set in the turn of the 13th century Scottish Highlands. After fleeing her wedding to her Norman betrothed and being swept into the Irish Sea during a storm, Branwenn Maclean finds herself once more in the land of the Highland Scots. Little does she know, however, that the maimed man who drops through the ceiling of her hiding place is none other than Callum MacGregor, the man who both vexes and beguiles her.

Callum awakens in a darkened sea cave believing he’s being nursed by a sea nymph. Little does he know, however, that the fey creature is in actuality none other than his massive warrior Maclean cousins’ foster sister, Branwenn, the lass that has taunted and haunted him since his first encounter with her one year past.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 5.00