Highland Legacy

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Highland Legacy

A truly awesome debut effort from author B.J. Scott. Highland Legacy is an intricately woven tale of love and honor, heartache and betrayal. The story didn't just capture my interest, it completely enthralled me. I could not put it down. I laughed and cried, and through it all, I fell in love with Connor and Cailin.

Cailin has had a painful life, ignored and abused by her father for having been born a girl. Upon learning of her betrothal to a lecherous old man, Cailin runs away. Right smack into danger from English soldier’s intent on rape and murder.

Connor Fraser has pledged fealty to the King of Scotland. Although, he is more than happy to rescue Cailin from the English, he will allow nothing - or no one - to stand in the way of honoring his vow of vengeance for the deaths of his family. He is smitten by the beautiful Cailin. But, determined to help his displaced King to regain his throne, Connor returns Cailin to her father’s home. Where she is forced to run again, when she is accused of murdering the man who attacked her. Thinking of making her way to the Kings camp to ask for sanctuary, she follows Connor and his brothers, with the English soldiers hot on her trail.

Things heat up when Connor tries to protect Cailin by declaring before witnesses that she is his wife. A marriage of convenience that he can easily set aside ends up being so much more when Connor beds Cailin on their wedding night. Then what does the big lout do? Still intending to rejoin the fight, Connor repudiates the marriage, only to regret it later. But it is already too late, as Cailin has already been taken by the English Lord, hell bent on punishing her.

The story held me utterly enthralled, and it was impossible to put this book down. There was a web of deceit and betrayal that was woven throughout the story, and kept me on the edge of my seat. Highland Legacy is a richly drawn historical romance, and it captivated this reader. Connor and Cailin captured my heart. It is a wonderful story, full of romance and passion, heartache and love that are palpable throughout the entire story. B.J. Scott is a brilliant writer, and I look forward to reading more of her work. If you enjoy reading Highlander romance, then you will love this book. A must read for all.

Book Blurb for Highland Legacy

Faced with an abhorrent betrothal, Cailin Macmillan flees her father’s castle and quickly learns that a woman traveling alone in Medieval Scotland is an easy target for ruthless English soldiers. When Highland patriot Connor Fraser comes to her aid, his steadfast dedication to king and country is challenged by his overwhelming desire to protect Cailin—even if he must marry her to do so.

Accused of murdering one of her attackers and determined to rely on her own resourcefulness, Cailin dresses as a lad, intent on seeking refuge at the camp of Robert the Bruce. Can she elude an enemy from her past—a vindictive English lord bent on her utter demise—or will she fall prey to his carnal intent and be executed for a crime she did not commit?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 5.00