The Skulls, #12

Oh Yes, I loved it! It is a testament to Sam Crescent's talented writing that she could make me like someone who cheated, so it means something when I say how much I enjoyed every page.

Anyone who has read the Skulls will be familiar with Hardy and Rose and their wild times. We learned in an earlier book about Hardy's cheating, Rose's heartache, and the tragedy that came out of the situation. I was curious about what kind of pain they carried and how it got them to the point of no return and most especially if Hardy could be redeemed. As this latest story opens they are in the process of divorcing when they find out that Rose is pregnant and Hardy is determined to keep his woman. Now to be quite honest I wasn't sure if I could get past his cheating to give him a chance. I stuck with it out because clearly he loved Rose. I wondered what it was that made him do it, and most importantly, could the writer pull it off for me. The answer was yes, and she did an amazingly vivid job of it too.

Hardy and Rose had a rough journey together, so their story was emotionally raw at times. They both made mistakes and each one ended up with their own set of regrets because they simply did not fight for what they wanted. So much wasted time and so much delicious heartache. In the end they both did a lot of changing together, and Hardy worked extra hard to be the man that Rose deserved. What a fabulous read this book was for me!

I was surprised at how well-crafted and perfectly layered this book was in the end. The Skulls is a complicated series and this book had the most intricate plot yet. It had snippets from my old favorites and even an intriguing and in-depth peek into Gash and what may be in store for his character. I can't wait for his book because I know it's going to be something special. I have only good things to say about this book. I loved it!

Book Blurb for Hardy

Ten years ago Hardy made a mistake, and it nearly cost him Rose. Instead of facing the harsh reality of what he did, Hardy pretended it didn’t happen at all. Now, Rose has left him once again, but this time she’s not coming back. He can’t live without her. She is his reason for living, and with her being pregnant, he has to find a way of winning her back.

For too long Rose has made all the changes in her marriage. She’s done with fearing what might happen with Hardy. The baby growing inside her is all she needs. What Rose didn’t plan on was for Hardy to completely change, becoming the man she always wanted in her life.

Can their marriage heal from old wounds? Can Hardy prove to Rose that she has nothing to fear? Will she stick around to see how good it could actually be for them? How far will Hardy go to win the woman who owns his heart?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.00