Going Dark

The Lost Platoon, #1

I really liked this suspenseful book! This series starting book has action, intrigue and pure sexiness all over the place.

After a covert mission went FUBAR, Dean had gone dark, that's Navy SEAL talk for laying low while everyone else thinks that you're dead. The absolute last thing he needed was to get mixed up with a group of eco-terrorists. Naturally, this bad boy SEAL doesn't exactly follow orders whenever he sees evil being done not to mention when it involves an innocent woman. Annie was a too nice for her own good girl who finally figured out that her smarmy boyfriend was up to no good. Luck was on her side because Dean happened to be a real life hero who jumped in just in time to save the day. It wasn't insta-love for them, though. They had loads of personal baggage and huge secrets that lay between them.

I'm a big fan of Monica McCarty's writing style so I had to jump at the chance to read her new series. The rich character development and fast paced plot were amazing, as usual, and there were enough twists to keep me guessing right up until the end. I'm ready for the next book already.

Book Blurb for Going Dark

The members of a top secret SEAL Team can’t keep their passion under wraps in this thrilling contemporary romantic suspense series from New York Times bestselling author Monica McCarty.

Like Rome’s Lost Legion, a SEAL platoon goes on a mission and vanishes without a trace.

After walking into a trap on a covert op in Russia, the men from top secret SEAL Team Nine are presumed dead. Not knowing whom they can trust, and with war hanging in the balance, the survivors must go dark and scatter around the globe.

Marine ecologist Annie Henderson joins her new boyfriend on a trip to the Western Isles of Scotland to protest a hazardous offshore drilling venture. When she realizes that she may be swept up in something far more dangerous than she’d intended, there is only one man she can turn to. . . .

She and the mysterious but sexy dive boat captain haven’t exactly gotten off to the best start, but something about his quiet confidence makes her think that he’s the kind of man she can depend on. Because he’s gruff and guarded, she can tell Dan Warren has secrets. But she could never imagine how high the stakes are for him to keep his cover, even as he risks everything to protect her. . . .

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 5.00