Giving It to the Bad Guy

Saints and Sinners MC Book 3

This book is my most favorites from Sam Crescent. As usual, the story was sexy and romantic and had some tense moments that had me anticipating what would happen next. I'd call it another winner from this amazing author.

This story had a fast hook because I had gotten invested in Knife and Sarah from the previous book and then they went from friends to lovers in this one. I liked how they were in love and so honest about everything. Knife had been the friend that Sarah needed but he was tired of waiting now that she was back in town. It didn't take him long to make his real feelings known and claim her as his Old Lady. Sarah just may be my all-time favorite heroine from this author. She stood up for herself in this book. No more mooning around after Ralf. She was finished with the drama and moving on with her life.

That's not to say that the story was without suspense. There was some tension with Sarah's persistent ex and a couple of intricate secondary stories. A new threat was unveiled and a relationship is rocked. Most important highlight to me was that there finally seems to a story taking shape for Saint. The author finally revealed something from his past that made me feel really bad for him. His story promises to be the most intense one yet so I can't wait for Sam Crescent to Saint's book. So “Giving It to The Bad Guy” was another great addition to the Saints and Sinners MC. I enjoyed it greatly.

Book Blurb for Giving It to the Bad Guy

Sarah has had enough of her ex, Ralf. Not only did he leave her, but now he has kidnapped her, dragging her all the way back to Sinners’ Corner, expecting them to carry on with the relationship he ended a year earlier.

However, when Ralf decided to walk out on her a year ago, Sarah met Knife. He’s a member of the Hell’s Wolves MC, and he makes her heart race and her panties wet. Now that she’s back in town, Knife is not going to let Ralf win without a fight. From the first moment he met Sarah, Knife wanted her, but he waited, respecting her wishes and giving her space.

The time for waiting is over. May the best man win!

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2016 3.50