Enemy Mine

Alpha and Omega, Book Two

I loved this book. It offered a fresh spin on the shifter/hunter scenario. In this series the hunters call themselves shepherds. It wasn't quite clear whether these "shepherds" were all related through family ties or were just a part of a cult. That may have been explained during the first book of the series. "Enemy Mine" is the second book in the series. The heroine is descended from a line of these so called Shepherds. The hero is a wolf shifter. I liked their love story. I also liked the fact that the author actually gave us several other stories running concurrently with Emory & Mary’s story. She caught up with Discant & Ava (Omega Mine book # 1 ) , as well as Trey & Sadie. I hope their story will be next in the series. Nathan met his mate, Leigh. There is bound to be loads of conflict with those two stories. I can't wait! There was a lot of great potential for new stories (Caden & the mystery witch... Zack... Dara... Kinsley). Yes loads of potential for more titles. That is exactly what I look for in a series. This is a new author for me and I liked her writing style. The book was very well written and I thought that the story line flowed pretty well. There was only one exception... I felt that the ending was just a little bit abrupt. However, I did enjoy the epilogue. It gave me the satisfaction of the HEA yet also a small glimpse of what will come in the next book. It also gave us a new enemy to fear. Overall a GREAT book. It definitely got me addicted to this series & this author.

Book Blurb for Enemy Mine

Divided by blood. Destined by fate.

Emory is a shifter living on the edge. For years he's struggled with his Alpha nature. Then he meets the one woman capable of soothing the savage beast--Mary incites a carnal hunger that leaves him eager and burning. Sweet, kind and impossibly beautiful, Mary is everything he and his wolven half have been craving. Unfortunately, she's also something else, something dangerous--a Shepherd, bred of the line of hunters determined to destroy his kind.

Soon Emory discovers earning Mary's trust is the least of his concerns. Her relatives want Mary back. If Emory won't hand her over, they'll do everything in their power to take her from the pack. As danger closes in, the passionate connection between them flares into a lascivious bond that refuses to be broken. If Emory wants to keep his mate, he'll have to protect her--at any cost.

Publisher’s Note: While Enemy Mine is a standalone story, readers who start with book one, Omega Mine, may find added pleasure in the adventure.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.50