Dual Embrace

Shadowpeak Wolves, #3

This book was freakin' awesome! A panty scorching hot and steamy love story that was overflowing with heart pounding suspense. The story kept me on the edge of my seat and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I'd read the first two books in the Shadowpeak Wolves series so I was already familiar with a couple of the characters. I figured it was going to be an exciting reading experience and Roberts came through for me on that score. What do you know...I got more than a few surprises in the deal too.

I got into the feeling with Dusty and her two guys. That means I liked them. Dusty was cool, an enforcer for the Pack, but after an injury she's not so sure of her place anymore. Her vulnerability played into the story a lot and brought some angst to the party. Then we have Cain. What can I say about that guy? I loved the big guy. Large and in charge ... in and out of the bedroom. Into the sensual mix comes my favorite cool and mysterious dude, Brynn, who caught my eye in Chasing Cassie. At last I learned his secrets. I think Brynn is kind of like an anti-hero, maybe. He showed his soft side to Dusty and Cain and I totally loved it. Roberts took me by surprise with this triad. But she did it right and it was very romantic and sweet even.

This book was very entertaining. It had a lot of story happening with conflict coming from a couple of sources. Throw in some traitors in the wolf pack and it led to some pulse racing intrigue that had me about to jump up outta my seat in anticipation. I loved the sensual love scenes. Roberts pulled a little bit of everything outta her big bag of tricks on this one. It had M/F, M/M and some super-hot M/F/M for my viewing pleasure. Or would that be reading pleasure? Whatever... those scenes were so titillating that it felt like I was watching it on the big screen. Ahem ... wearing a big smile on my face. * Grin*

Dual Embrace is a very racy story. It's exciting and it hooked me hard and fast. I enjoyed it a lot.

Book Blurb for Dual Embrace

Feisty, independent Dusty lives for her job as a Shadowpeak pack enforcer. She doesn’t have room in her life for romance or happily-ever-afters. Men are useful for only one thing—hot, meaningless sex. Or so she thinks, until she sleeps with gorgeous Cain. Now he’s all she thinks about. His caresses, his kisses, the overwhelming pleasure… But will he still want her when he finds out the secret she’s been keeping?

As if one man in her life isn’t complicated enough, Dusty also meets mysterious, stunning Brynn. There’s no way she can ignore the way his touch stirs her blood, making her want things she shouldn’t.

How the hell does a shifter go from wanting no men cluttering up her life to having two? And how is she supposed to choose? Because just one of them is never going to be enough.

Inside Scoop: This wickedly provocative ménage contains sex of the male/male variety. Don’t deny you love it.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.00