Cowboy Seeks Bride

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Cowboy Seeks Bride

Spikes & Spurs

I had such great fun reading this awesome book from Carolyn Brown. I absolutely adored the outrageously colorful characters in this one. It had an interesting plot and the most unique countrified dialogue I've ever come across. The writing was so expressive that I could almost hear the country drawl. It was such that I actually found myself interacting as I read along and found myself chuckling, grinning, smiling and sighing the entire way through the story.

Dewar O'Donnell finds love in this story and I adored the sassy woman he gets as his own. Haley came as quite a surprise to that handsome cowboy and at first they rubbed each other the wrong way. Then the sparks were flying like wildfire and they just couldn't keep their hands off each other. They both admitted they were falling fast but coming from different worlds. The problems were real and for a while it didn't look like a compromise was in their future. Haley was a stubborn gal though and she worked real hard at proving herself. She ended up winning her cowboy's heart.

Gosh, I absolutely loved this book. It had Carolyn Brown's signature all over it with the real characters and the colorful language. Lots of action with a crazy wild stampede and a reveneur scare that had me laughing so hard I was ready to bust a gut. Of course there were some suspenseful moments as well, with rattlesnakes, panty spiders and one love struck donkey. This is a book that is just flat out fun to read.

I liked the romantic part and it was sweet how Haley and Dewar kept thinking about each other. They think there's no way so they're trying to hide their feelings. Then passion finally overwhelms them and I'm just going to come right out and say it... the love scenes were downright racy. The writer definitely put some steamy love scenes in this one.

Here I was thinking that it might mean the end of this little series since Dewar was the last of the O'Donnell studs. Well maybe not. It seems that there are a few more O'Donnell cousins still out there and I got a little peek at those boys. They're sounding mighty interesting to me. I'm hoping that I might get to read Finn's story real soon.

I loved the book and had a great time reading it. That means a lot to me when a book puts a smile on my face. So I'm giving this one my highest recommendation.

Book Blurb for Cowboy Seeks Bride

He's Tough as Nails and Ready to Ride...

Rancher Dewar O'Donnell is just an old-fashioned cowboy at heart, and he can't wait to reenact the historic Chisholm Trail ride with his buddies. The trial-run cattle drive for a reality TV show sounds like a great time—until H.B. McKay pulls up in her slick red sports car...

She's Way Out of Her Element...

Haley McKay is a feisty, high-powered businesswoman with the power suit and stiletto heels to prove it. She's keen to research her company's hot new idea for a reality TV show—but mount up with a bunch of modern-day cowboys? Are they kidding?

It's too late to back out now, so Haley sets out to prove that it will take more than snakes, storms, and stampedes to make her back down.

Besides, sleeping under the stars with Dewar O'Donnell could prove mighty interesting...

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 5.00