Trojans MC, #1

This book is a good start to the Trojans MC Series from Sam Crescent. It was an easy read for me.

This was my kind of book! I enjoy this type of gritty romance, the kind with a bad ass alpha male and plenty of dirty sex scenes. Duke was a sexy bad ass biker Prez determined to claim his woman. Holly grew up in the Trojans MC. She wanted Duke, but she knew the score and wanted no part of it. She'd already been burned once and had kept her distance ever since. Her resistance didn't last long once Duke got tired of waiting and decided to make his move. I liked how easily she accepted Duke (Hey, It was her dream come true).

The plot was exciting. We saw some new things (ie: the claiming part). Surprisingly, I liked that part. The conflict was very exciting, there was some danger and a jealous ex thrown into the mix. The suspense is always one of the best parts in a Sam Crescent book. Along with the lusty sex scenes. Did I mention that they were scorching hot? As usual, I was not disappointed in that department. I also liked how she set up the new series by introducing some interesting characters for future stories. I can't wait for Pike and Mary!

For the record, I have to mention that I found a few flaws in the writing. While it was a fantastic story with a plot that reaches out and grabs definitely needed some extra editing. Poor sentence structure and bad grammar pulled my attention away from the story just a little bit. I was thrilled with the new characters that I met, but I also noticed some of the same situations, along with some of the same descriptions. While I usually enjoy this type of trope, this time I felt that it needed changing up a bit. Still, I have to admit that Sam Crescent knows how to write an awesome down and dirty MC romance book. The Best!

I think this is going to be a great series with an entirely different outlook. It needs some work, but I like the new characters who do things their own way. Heh...I'm already hooked!

Book Blurb for Control

Duke has wanted Holly for a long time but she was too young, too innocent, and he was married. Now, she’s older and he has waited long enough. She is going to be his.

Holly grew up in the MC life. Her father was once president of the Trojans MC before he handed the gavel over to Duke. She refuses to become part of the life like her mother has. Being an old lady is the last thing she wants to become.

He has bided his time and now he will not let her go. Holly is his to control, to fuck, to love. He’ll do everything in his power to claim his woman but what will happen when Holly finds out the truth about the club?

When his ex-wife tries to hurt her, Duke will have to make a choice. Can he kill the mother of his child or will he protect the woman who owns his heart?

Be Warned: anal play, public exhibition, spanking

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 4.00