Cajun Crazy

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Cajun Crazy

A Cajun Novel

Sandra Hill returns to her charming Cajun series with "Cajun Crazy".This was a great read. It was so funny it had me smiling the whole way through to the end.

Simone LeDeux was an ex-cop who was tired of getting mixed up with troublemaking two timing Cajun men. Then she met Adam Lanier, a sexy Cajun, motorcycle riding lawyer, and that plan ended up being a bust. Simone and Adam couldn't stay away from each other no matter how hard they tried. These two were great characters. I really enjoyed their story and getting to catch up with many of the series favorites in this book.

Cajun Crazy was a romantic, sexy, and delightfully funny book. Expect loads of cameos from just about everyone from the previous books. I absolutely loved this couple. There were plenty of conflicts that got in the way of true love in this one too. It had my attention from page one.

Book Blurb for Cajun Crazy

Welcome back to New York Times bestseller Sandra Hill’s Cajun country, where love heats up the Louisiana bayou . . .

Former Chicago cop Simone LeDeux is back home in the bayou, sharing a double wide in the Pearly Gates trailer park to help her mama recover from surgery. Her one rule: no Cajun men. Loved and left by too many double-crossing Cajuns, Simone puts bad experience to good use by opening Legal Belles: an agency that uncovers cheating spouses.

Suddenly she’s confronting a two-timer about to swindle his wife out of millions and antagonizing New Orleans bigwigs over an illegal sex club. Adam Lanier learns of the dangerous game Simone is playing . . . and the sexy single dad comes to her aid. Known as a rogue in the courtroom and a player in the bedroom, the ragin’ Cajun has Simone triply on guard.

With their crazy chemistry, danger on their trail, and infamous LeDeux relative Tante Lulu working her magical matchmaking, the bayou has never been this steamy.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 4.00