Born Wild

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Born Wild

Black Knights Inc., #5

Yeah, I loved it!!! Born Wild was every bit as thrilling as I'd expected. As usual, the suspense was riveting, with a few twists and turns, and a whole lot of action. As a devoted fan of this series, I knew that Billy and Eve had a past. It was obvious there was some heartache, so I couldn't wait to read all about it. Julie Ann Walker did an outstanding job on this story, pulling me in with all the drama I could handle, and keeping me guessing right up until the end.

Like I said, Billy and Eve shared a past. A love that refused to die, torn apart by deceit and betrayal. Twelve years ago they had one summer of love, then while Billy was gone doing training for the Navy, Eve buckled under pressure from her stick up the butt daddy and made a mistake that broke Billy's heart. She never stopped regretting what happened, and Billy hasn't forgiven her either. All during this series, these two have acted like nemeses, yet you could tell they still had deep feelings for each other. In this story, danger is stalking Eve and Billy puts it all on the line to keep her safe.

Now, I'll admit it, the author had me plenty intrigued by their story. Walker really came through for this reader, giving me all the drama, danger and sexual tension that it took to make this book a page turner that I couldn't put down.

As usual, Walker did an excellent job on her characterization and dialogue. I loved Wild Bill and Eve, and really got into their story, just like they were real people. I loved the drama of their love story and how they interacted with each other. They were both strong characters, and I easily empathized with them. I absolutely adored Billy for stepping up to protect his woman, even though he knew it left him vulnerable to her charms, and since he believed she'd screwed him over once then that was a bad place to be. Loved Eve for taking charge of her life, standing up to everybody, and going her own way. Respected her for laying it all out to Billy, and accepting responsibility for her faults. Hey, we all make bad decisions now and again. It's what you learn from those mistakes that makes us who we are, and I liked the independent woman that Eve became. She showed a lot of character growth since she first came on the scene.

I really got into this one. Captivated by the characters, enjoyed the drama, action and suspense. I'd been dying to read it, so I didn't mess around. Read it in one evening.... put everything else on hold until I was done. I enjoyed every page that's for sure. Shoot.... I'll go ahead and say it. Yeah, I loved everything about this novel.

Now, I'm sad because there was no tease at the end. My gosh!!! What will I do if this was the end? Throw a temper tantrum? Bang my head against the wall? Go off the deep end? Please take pity on this hapless reader, Julie Ann Walker. I must have more, you see, or I might go insane. Yeah, I'm hooked on this series, and I'm already jonesin' for more.

I'm going to give this one five flying stars and my highest recommendation. It's romantic suspense at its best.

Book Blurb for Born Wild

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julie Ann Walker dives back into action with the red-hot romantic suspense Black Knights Inc. series! They claim they’re bad-boy bikers who own custom motorcycle shop, but these special-ops guys—a mix of Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Marines, FBI and more--handle the jobs too tough for the government to tackle.


“Wild” Bill Reichert knows a thing or two about explosives. The ex-Navy SEAL can practically rig a bomb blindfolded. But there’s no way to diffuse the inevitable fireworks the day Eve Edens walks back into his life, asking for help…


Eve doesn’t know what to do when the Chicago police won’t believe someone is out to hurt her. The only place to turn is Black Knights Inc—after all, no one is better at protection than the covert special-ops team. Yet there’s also no one better at getting her all turned on than Billy Reichert. She has a feeling this is one blast from the past that could backfire big time…

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 5.00