Billionaire in Wolf's Clothing

Billionaire Wolf, #1

I really liked this latest Heart of The Wolf novel by Terry Spear. This was an amazing read that was suspenseful with twists and introduced a new cast of intriguing characters along with one special little boy who stole the story. From beginning to end it was a thrilling read that I couldn't put down.

I think that Billionaire In Wolf's Clothing changes the dynamics of this series even as it continues to follow the thread of the recently mentioned longevity problem the wolves have been experiencing. The author introduces the doctor who's been investigating the problem as he and his family are targeted by some rogue wolves in a scheme that provides readers with an entire cast of new characters. As usual it was a tension filled story and I absolutely loved the new wolves and the spirited she wolf who inadvertently gets tangled up in the plot.

Jade Ashton is reluctantly involved in her brother’s crazy kidnapping scheme. Only because he has taken her son and threatens to kill little Toby if she doesn't cooperate, which means getting close to Rafe Denali. Jade captures Rafe's interest quickly enough but she never expected to like the sexy billionaire. The situation was intense because Rafe was drawn to Jade even though he was suspicious of her right from their first meeting. Jade felt just as connected to Rafe but torn between her feelings for him and concern for her son's safety.

This novel had a very entertaining and suspenseful plot with a lovely romance. Rafe and Jade had a few obstacles to overcome and there were a few twists thrown in to make this a special read. I was intrigued by the secondaries and side plots and can easily see this book is leading to future stories.... that's what I'm hoping anyway. So, just as I expected this was book was another great read from Terry Spear.

Book Blurb for Billionaire in Wolf's Clothing

First in a BRAND-NEW SERIES from USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear about filthy rich werewolves and the women who are more than their match.

Billionaire werewolf Rafe Denali always gets what he wants, and he always trusts his gut. When sexy she-wolf Jade Ashton nearly drowns outside his beach house, he knows better than to bring her into his life. But there's something about the fierce wolf that triggers his most primal instincts...and having seen her, he knows she will be his.

Even if she's hiding a dark secret that could get them killed...

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2016 4.00