Baby's First Homecoming

Harlequin American, #1397

Short but sweet, I enjoyed reading this book. It was a little bit short for my taste. However, this sweet story caught my interest right from the start. I'm a sucker for those secret baby stories. Harlequin does these types of stories with such class. Sierra & Clay had a secret short lived affair two years ago. Secret because their families were enemies because of a land deal gone wrong. Clay was on the rebound from a split with his longtime girlfriend. When he jilted Sierra for his ex who married soon after their break Sierra was devastated. Then she found out she was pregnant. She kept her pregnancy a secret from everyone and then gave the baby up for adoption. She immediately regrets giving her son up but it's too late. Then she receives a miracle when the adoptive parents decide that they no longer want the boy and offer to give him back. Sierra hightails it back home where she runs into Clay. He recognizes right away that he is the father. He insists on being involved going so far as demanding joint custody and insisting that Sierra move into a small house on his property. The two of them are soon romantically involved once again. However, Sierra has trust issues. She has to learn to trust Clay with her son as well as her heart. Their families have to come clean with their various lies and half-truths also. Will Sierra and Clay decide that they love each other enough to forgive old hurts?

I enjoyed reading their very well written story. I highly recommend this one.

Book Blurb for Baby's First Homecoming

Giving away her baby for adoption was the second biggest mistake of Sierra Powell's life. But after a miraculous turn of events, she is reunited with her toddler son and they return to Arizona. Too bad Sierra's first mistake is waiting for her there—Clay Duvall, a much too charming cowboy. And onetime love of her life.

Clay is not about to let go of the opportunity to raise his flesh and blood. He proposes co-parenting—meaning Sierra and Jamie have to move close to him. Real close, as in onto his property. As far as Sierra's concerned, he has no say in her son's life; Clay was the one who walked out on their relationship.

Will the sparks between Clay and Sierra set off the formerly feuding Powell and Duvall clans…or will they rekindle an old passion?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 3.50