Ace's Wild

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Ace's Wild

This book was such a great read! I'd been looking forward to Ace's story for quite a while, and Sarah McCarty did not let me down. Ace's Wild was a book that hooked me from the beginning with a gritty spin on this western historical romance. I loved everything about it.

I've followed this series since the beginning, and truth be told, I've loved each and every book. Ace and Petunia had a great story. Now, Ace has ever been a favorite of mine. On the surface he was a gambler and a player, and yet still waters ran deep. He was kind of dominant and had some kinky cards up his sleeve. Too hard to handle. He felt it was too much for sweet Petunia. So naturally he tried to push her away. That is until the trouble she was forever chasing found her and Ace had to keep her safe. It may sound a bit familiar for this series, but believe me, it was anything but that.

Actually, I found myself captivated with Ace and Petunia. On the surface, so different, yet they were inexplicably drawn to each other. Ace was charming, naughty and wicked. And Petunia. Well, she tried to help everyone and it kept coming back to bite her. Underneath all that surface stuff, they were perfect for each other. Put them together and the sexual tension was amazing. I also liked the conflict of their romance. Misunderstandings abounded for both of them. So I got me some good reading with all the angsty drama. Then, like always, McCarty threw in some danger that moved the plot along and pulled this reader into story even further. Some things happened that left Ace feeling guilty and weren't easily forgotten. Yet somehow McCarty used it to pull Ace and Petunia together more tightly.

The plot was emotionally intense, and McCarty gave them some stuff to get through. And I loved that. Of course the story flowed along smoothly and was easy to read. Finally, it was nice having Caden and Luke included in the story. There was an intriguing set-up for Luke, which will be the last of the Hell's Eight gang. Just something to look forward to.....

I enjoyed reading this beautifully written romance. I feel that those who have read and enjoyed the Hell's Eight Series will surely love this book. I most certainly recommend Ace's Wild and look forward to the next book in the series.

As always, it was a reading pleasure.....

Book Blurb for Ace's Wild

When you gamble with desire, be prepared to risk everything… 

Unlike the rest of the Hell's Eight brotherhood, Ace Parker's home isn't on the range. This restless cowboy craves the hustle of Simple, Texas, a lawless town where he can sate his darker appetites without guilt. At least he could, until Petunia Wayfield arrived. The prickly new teacher is insisting that Ace help her rid the town of drunkenness and card playing. For that kind of miracle, Ace demands a reward the spinster schoolmarm will surely never give. 

But Petunia isn't backing down. Not when the intense passion Ace offers shatters her to the core. As soon as she can afford a ticket to California, she'll leave Simple behind for good. Until then, she'll match his sensual challenge with her own, daring him to give up his fiercely guarded self-control. And then real danger claims Petunia, forcing Ace to reveal the man he really is—even if it drives her away forever….

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 4.50