A Silver Wolf Christmas

Heart of the Wolf, #17

Another awesome paranormal romance from Terry Spear. A Silver Wolf Christmas is book seventeen in the Heart of the Wolf Series that just keeps getting better as it goes along. This time around it's Christmas in Silver Town with sexy wolves and a complex mystery to be solved. Now that's my kind of story !!!

The story features a romance between CJ Silver And Laurel MacTire; a love triangle, and a fifty year old disappearance. The book opens with CJ trying to court a reluctant Laurel, who is hiding the real reason why she and her two sisters came to town. The three sisters are renovating the old Silver Town Inn but they are also investigating why their aunt vanished mysteriously. They don't know what happened, or who to suspect of foul play, so they've been keeping their distance from the rest of the pack. The situation gets sticky when a crew of TV Ghostbusters and troublemaking wolves show up in town and immediately start making problems. CJ and Laurel are thrown together and despite themselves they can't fight their attraction. The plot continued to thicken and it took several unexpected turns as the courtship hit a few snags.

This was a very lovely paranormal romance. I enjoyed the story that was suspenseful, fun, and easy flowing. I can't wait for the next one !

Book Blurb for A Silver Wolf Christmas


CJ Silver and his brothers have returned to Silver Town eager to reconnect with the pack. And with the she-wolf newcomers renovating the old Victorian Silver Town Hotel, it looks like the holidays are going to be very merry indeed.


Laurel MacTire and her sisters are excited to be living in a wolf-run town, but they have another motive- to solve the fifty-year-old mystery of their aunt's disappearance. When CJ gets a whiff of trouble brewing, his protective instincts kick in-now Laurel has a hotel opening to prepare for, a mystery to solve, and a brawny wolf shifter underfoot. Perhaps she should have resisted the temptation to kiss him so wickedly in the snow...

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.50